Your 2019 Style Cheat Sheet

These five menswear classics are getting an update

menswear updates

Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Image: Futuristic eyewear the Dior Men Pre-Fall 2019 show in Japan

What differentiates a truly stylish man from the rest is an attention to detail. While it's true that menswear moves at a much slower pace than womenswear and there aren't a lot of major changes, it's still fashion, and that means a constant cycle of updates. Take jeans for example: it's the item every single man has in his wardrobe, but the styles and design details vary hugely and can tell you a lot about the man wearing them.

This year, your go-tos are still your go-tos, but they're getting an update. Allow us to reintroduce you to your favourites, levelled up and ready for a new style era.

The sneaker, now with extra sole

There's so much happening with sneakers right now: new silhouettes and streamlined old ones, block colours and colour blocking, prints, buckles, textures – nothing is off limits. As an overall update, there is one design detail that can be applied to all the above: a focus on the sole. Chunky is better, whether it's a 90s inspired Puma or new tech in the form of the Adidas Pod-S3.1. The latter has a sporty sensibility with (inspired by Louis Vuitton) a gap between the front and back soles. This is what's cool now, after all, two soles are better than one.

The simple tee, now fading

.The round-neckT-shirt is feeling a lot more colourful this year. It's nothing too crazy, just a mix of faded retro-vibe pastel powder tones. Stripes are always a classic, but block colours are good too: a faded yellow is a great entry point. It's a modern, more athletic take on the resort-print collared short sleeve, and a relaxed more arty version of stark black or white slogan tees. The aim of the game is to move past the slogan tee, creating a mood that allows you to do the talking yourself.

The jeans, now looser

Like it or not, dear skinny jean fans, a new dawn of straight-leg denim has broken. Rule number one is to keep it simple: no rips, distressed detail, weird washes or side stripes necessary. The cut is loose and slightly low crotch. You're channelling today's version of the Stranger Things look. That said, these pants are a perfect blank canvas to pair with and adapt to whatever you like.

The jacket, now patched and quilted

At Virgil Abloh's debut Louis Vuitton menswear show, quilted jackets walked comfortably alongside utilitarian vests and all manner of show-off pockets, whether they be in the form of bags, harnesses or vests. The Defender jacket by Alpha Industries carries that same spirit of craft mixed with utility. It's unlike any bomber, track, or denim jacket you'll see others wearing, yet not different in a way that feels alienating. This is a character-defining investment piece that, this year at least, will always be one step ahead of the style game.

The sunglasses, now extreme

Your new sunnies take inspiration from specialised and or extreme sport. Oakley's Evzero Stride rimless sunglasses sport maximum coverage, rendered in a cool grey monotone that pairs well with everything and feels extremely fashion future, today.

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