This is what models wear to castings

Dress like you're on your way to book an international fashion campaign

By Zoya Pon

What comes first: effortless model style, or the model contract? Are models naturally stylish, is it even a requirement for the job, or does being a model suddenly gift you with style finesse? It's probably differs from case to case, but style tips from being on set certainly doesn't hurt.

The effortless way in which models dress to castings is a code that only those in the industry ever seem to crack. So I went undercover. JK, full disclosure, I went to my usual castings as usual, but this time paid special attention to what my fellow professional posers wore.

Scroll down for tips on how to dress like you're on your way to book an international fashion campaign.


A good model adapts to the job brief and brand. Because of this how they dress often depends on what the job is, and means models become masters of switching up their style, and using their makeup, hair and accessories to create different identities for different jobs. The ever-vague wardrobe brief of 'neat and casual' is always open for interpretation and this is where people like Ruth get to flex their creativity.


Okay, besides having to be fit, one thing models definitely know is getting their clothes to fit right. Ill-fitting clothing can ruin a look; while the perfect fitting jeans can make it. Have things tailored if needed, and invest in key wardrobe pieces (like Marie's black jeans) that make you look (and feel) good.


When your job revolves around how you look, you learn what your assets are and how to highlight them. What do you love about yourself? I know what I like about Aviwe and clearly he does too flaunting his ripped torso.


A model's look is no accident, it is predetermined and capitalised on. Defining a signature style starts without the clothing. Models build their portfolios around key features; be it freckles, bright hair, a cute gap tooth or your ability to pull of a certain style aesthetic. You may not have a team invested in honing your own look but you can zone in on it, and focus on highlighting it with some thoughtful style and beauty choices, like Charli.


Our agencies always tell us to dress 'trendy', which is, well, vague. At these types of castings what we define as trendy individually is displayed, which means lots of experimentation. While models get first person looks into what's in store and in style, you can also stay in the loop with what's trending and find out how to give it a unique twist with Superbalist's latest trend reports and styling guides. Clearly Marche knows what's up. 


Pose is power and Mame know's it's what sells the look. From how we stand, to how we walk, how we hold and conduct ourselves can make or break the job. Any good stylist will tell you that it's not so much what you wear, but how you wear it. This comes with practice, and a little boldness of attitude. Do it in the mirror, know your angles, and most importantly: commit.


If all else fails, Mariske's model uniform of a vest, black skinny jeans and classic Doc Martens ought to do, whatever your style, identity or mood.

And if you'd like to see what I wear to castings (and in general), take a look @thatasiangirlza and lemmeknow your thoughts. 

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