Pantone Sundays Goes Green

Inspired by Trevor Stuurman, the next party is all about reflecting, reaping and celebrating growth

After the debut Pantone Sundays event where everything was yellow, the follow up event for December wants to turn the scene green.

Want to see what went down? Then click through to listen to the mix from House of Rhythm and see all the beautiful people who attended last month's event. Otherwise Nandi Dlepu sums up her new colour-coded party concept as such:

pantone sundays green

"Pantone Sundays is a colour themed party, with the dress code of each edition sourcing inspiration from this summer's fashion and colour reports. The monthly event will be held at Razor Charlie, a Latin eatery just below Katy's Palace Bar often described as a hidden gem with its lush greenery and vibrant pops of colour. But aesthetics alone aren't what make a party and Nandi believes curation and listening to your community is key."

pantone sundays green

Sold? Then get your tickets here, and then scroll down for a quick Q&A with Nandi who also picked out some of her favourite Superbalist items to build the perfect all-green looks with.

How was your debut Pantone Sundays?

It was so well received at some point I stood back and was in awe of the support, openness and general slayage of our founding guests.

pantone sundays green

What does the colour green mean to you?

During the course of YELLOW people were already asking about the new colour and I left it up to Trevor Stuurman to decide. I've known him for years and his support of the event was just so touching that I was like, 'what would you have it be?' He went with green, which was luckily one of our options, his reasons were 'It's Harvest Season' the time for us to reap what we've taken the year to sow. Green is the colour of life and growth so I thought that those two combined with the time of year made sense. Reflecting, reaping and celebrating growth in a fun way.

pantone sundays green

Again you've chosen a bright, bold colour – clearly we're moving away from the usual tonal blacks, whites and greys for summer, why do you think this is?

I read somewhere that colour has always been an integral part of how culture expresses its attitude and the emotions of the time. My attitude, which I believe is a shared one, is optimistic and that our future remains bright despite darker forces. So the decision was and is a philosophical one.

pantone sundays green

We've had millennial pink and Gen Z yellow and melodramatic purple, what's the best name for this new green?

Based on the emphasis around collaboration in our time I'd go with 'foliage' which are plant leaves, collectively.

Please share your style tips when it comes to wearing the colour green to an occasion?

Chose a shade, hue or tint that works well with your complexion and don't be shy, monochrome is your friend. Guests can come in any shade, tint or hue of green. From a dark green to emerald green, sea green to olive, apple and mint! Shop by following this link or borrowing from my favourite pieces below!

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