Gina Jeanz’s Pieces to Pack For Your Beach Vaycay

These are the pieces to check in with, according to the multifaceted fashion girl

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Beach holiday packing needs more careful consideration than you might think. It’s easy to quickly tick swimwear off your list and consider yourself done, but you’ll probably be doing way more than beaching and all the long days out mean you have to be strategic about what goes into your suitcase because taking everything is not an option. After her ever so stylish timeout in Ibiza, we figured who better to get you in the right frame of mind for your getaway than model, DJ and all-round creative Gina Jeanz. Scroll on down to see which pieces she prioritises when packing.

  •  Top 3 favourite seaside destinations:




  • How far in advance do you check your holiday destination’s weather forecast before planning looks? 

It's essential for me to plan any trip way in advance because I like being prepared. So I keep the weather tab of that specific destination on my iphone and monitor it for a month before leaving; at the same time, I don’t normally travel to other countries during their autumn/winter seasons.

  • Which do you prioritise when packing: your itinerary or the sites and scenery you’ll be visiting?

I always try to pack statement pieces and relaxed garments for my trip. I’m very adventurous and enjoy exploring new surroundings, so good sneakers, comfortable clothing for hikes and a day in the town are essential. My statement pieces are for those moments when I want to shoot content for my IG or dinner nights out with my husband and friends.

  • What are the absolute key wardrobe pieces to pack when visiting a seaside destination?

My key wardrobe pieces are as follows: two to three bikinis because you can never have too many, one quality beach hat or cap, flip flops, sunglasses and a kaftan. I try not to take more than what I need so that my beach bag isn't overpacked; less is more.

  • On her picks from Superbalist:

My first pick is this white oversized T-shirt dress, for its versatility, then a navy front button blouse, because the neckline and short sleeve details are gorgeous; it’s perfect for a day out. I also picked a statement bikini, you can never go wrong with stripes – I see myself throwing on some white wide leg pants before heading out to the beach. And then accessories are a must have! Especially on days when you want to take it easy on the make up but still give your outfit that extra touch. I like to have one good pair of sneakers that I can wear with pants and dresses when I travel, so I definitely had to have a good pair of chucks; it’s a classic brand that never goes out of style.

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