Pieces to Pack for Your City Vaycay

The suitcase essentials to check in with, according to The Travel Girl Boss Thithi Ntetha

Your return ticket is booked and you’re counting down the days until you’re checking into your holiday accommodation. But before you let the excitement take over, there are some finer details that need your undivided attention – and it’s not just the wording of your out-of-office automated email response; the contents of your suitcase require careful consideration. To get your mind on the right train of thought, we’ve enlisted the help of travel aficionado Thithi Ntetha to highlight the key essentials you’ll need on a city vaycay.

  • Top favourite cities you’ve visited:

Lisbon, Marrakech and New York.

  • How far in advance do you check your holiday destination’s weather forecast before planning looks?

I tend to load the weather of that city onto my iPhone for about a week before I travel to that particular destination. However, with that being said I am really good at packing layerable looks in case the weather turns, which has happened to me before.

  • Which do you prioritise when packing: your itinerary or the sites and scenery you’ll be visiting?

I really wish I could say that I was one of those people who overplans looks according to specific locations or cities, but I am not. In fact, the outfit I wore to Le Jardin Majorelle is the only outfit I specifically planned and packed for that excursion.

  • Three key pieces to pack when visiting a new city:

Sneakers, a pair of culottes and a light-weight jacket

  • ONE thing you’ll never forget to pack again:

My camera battery.

  • The must-haves I picked off Superbalist are...

A pair of culottes, because that is one of my favourite style of pants, a selection of really comfy shoes – from sneakers, to espadrilles to block heels – for walking and versatility. Sunglasses because even a tired jetlagged face can look good in a photo with a pair of sunnies on.

Thithi Ntetha