4 Shoes That Should Be In Your Summer Collection

Sneakers, sandals and heels to shop and step up on style


Photography: Luke Kuisis

Shoes, glorious shoes! No outfit is complete without them and they can be worn as an expression of the mood you’re in, the phase your going through or your plans for the day/night. Let’s face it, while Winter shoes are versatile in their own right, Summer shoes have a longer life span in terms of trends and they offer a lot more room for experimentation, which is always a big plus when it comes to fashion.

This year’s summer shoe trends are a mix of throwbacks and a funky take on sweet summer staples. We’re giving you a breakdown of the shoe trends you should be buying into and how to wear these gorgeous beauties. With silly season in full swing, you’ll have more than enough opportunities to show off your happy feet.

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strappy heels

Strappy heels have always been a fashion must-have. They’re the sassy and flirtatious shoe that you can always count on to take any outfit from drab to fab. This year sees the return of the stiletto heel with thin cords that twirl around the ankle and lower calf, making it the ideal minimalist addition to an over-the-top outfit or the perfect way to elevate your day-to-night look. The problem of course is that as pretty as the stiletto is, it’s not all that practical so we suggest that you wear these babies when attending events where you won’t be doing much walking. Keep a pair in your car or at the office so you’ll always have them handy for impromptu shindigs during the silly season.

Slide on through


All hail the queen of summer shoe trends: an evolving queen, the goddess of comfort, style and practicality. The slide has transcended its status as the post-workout, lazy day indoors kind of shoe to become the ultimate lazy leisure shoe and the perfect shoe for almost any summer look. They can be worn with your floral summer dress, a cute denim mini-skirt and basic tee, easy-going mom jeans and if you’re feeling a little cheeky you can wear them with a suit to let your colleagues know that you have checked out of the office and into a holiday state of mind.

Kick it in style


Very few looks can’t be completed with a fresh pair of kicks. This year’s sneaker trend is a reincarnation of the 80s chunky sneaker. We’re obsessed with the Balenciaga-inspired colour-block sneakers that can be paired with a bright dress or an easy athleisure look. If you’re not one to follow trends then you should opt for a classic pair of sneakers, Converse All Stars have always been a cute summer staple and Vans are the current go-to streetwear sneakers that everyone loves. No matter what style you choose or how you decide to wear them, you can always rely on a good old pair of sneakers to give your look a much needed edge with a whole lot of comfort too.

Slip on some mules


Think of these as the classy sister to the relaxed slides, they can be high-heeled, open or closed-toe and are available in all sorts of textures, colours and styles. Much like the other shoe trends, they can be worn with pretty much anything; jeans, shorts, both mini and midi skirts and the all time summer favourite item, the dress. If you’re looking to pull off a more laid back look, you should opt for the low-lying mule that will allow you to move around effortlessly while looking good of course. When you’re in the mood for a slightly more refined look then the high-heeled mule should be your go-to shoe. Play around with the different bold colours that are currently on trend and make sure that you stand-out this season.

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