Dreamy Fashion For Your Holiday Feels

Style inspiration for your holiday at the beach, on safari or city staycation

Photography: Steve Marais

You’re already checked in to the mood of a life of leisure, that’s a fact. The question that remains is where to from that state of mind: are you taking it to a beach resort, living the lavish holiday in the city or going out on safari - or the winelands? Whether you’ve ticked off most of your goals for the year or are ready to dust yourself off and do the most next year,, it’s officially safe to check out of beast mode in the workplace and ease into relaxation. But first, the fashion. While a destination does play a role in determining how amazing a time you might have on a holiday or staycation, the looks seal the deal: truly embodying the moment with impeccable style is the “minor” detail that even your followers on Instagram might appreciate as much as you will the confidence boost. So, while you handle your itinerary, we have you sorted with the style inspiration to match the situation you check into during your time off, scroll through.

city staycation
city staycation

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A holiday plan that’s somewhat underrated (unless you’re headed to Marrakech), taking time out while taking in cityscapes can give you as much in leisure as it does in culture. Whether you plan to rediscover the city you live in through the eyes of a tourist on vacation or head out to a completely new environment, there’s a plethora of activity for you to slot into your planner; from rooftop lunches, endless sundowners at five-star joints, museum visits, gallery-hopping, dinner dates and hangover brunches to spa days. Of all holiday types it may well be one of the most dynamic in terms of what you could find yourself getting up to and for that you need a wardrobe - or suitcase that’s versatile, allows for lots of movement and walks but still reflects your holiday mood. Our suggestions are pops of brights, updated stripes, crispy whites for when you need to be elegant and belt bags, block heels, slides and and sneakers for all the sidewalk stomping you’ll get in.

beach holiday
beach vacation

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A tranquil and serene end to a hectic year that most of us gravitate towards, beach holidays are all about absolute relaxation and self indulgence. Whether this is an unspoken truth of the world or just pure coincidence, most coastal places introduce you to culinary experiences that blow your mind, so you might have structure much of your holiday around food-related adventures. But for the times in-between where you’re laying on the sand with a book, hanging from a hammock, you’ll need to be in easy-breezy fabrics, colours that are reminiscent of sun and see, all the eyewear and espadrilles to set off your looks. At this stage, we trust that you have stocked up on the statement-making swimwear you’ll need, otherwise make it a top priority if you haven’t.

bush holiday
safari getaway

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The quintessential “rich aunty” holiday, a safari getaway is all about the looks. From satin silks, cotton twills, wide brim hats, flatform sandals, rusty earthy tones and flat embellished slip-ons to swimwear in your shade of nude so that you give the illusion skinny dipping in the dam, the style is all understated drama with just the right dose of elegance. You’ll be going on tours, getting into five-star dining and maybe even hot air balloon-riding, the only way to be is in your affluent aunty best, in terms of looks.

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