6 steps to becoming a Superhost

Superbalist solves: make your Airbnb pay and ensure every guest enjoys their stay

Airbnb tips

By Charl Edwards and Niquita Bento

According to the company's official data, 800 000 people stay with Airbnb each night, with 2.9 million hosts and 14 000 more joining each month. Those who get the most return clientele the company deems a "Superhost", or "experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests."

There are four basic requirements to achieving Superhost status – overall rating, response rate, cancellations and acceptance of reservations. Most of this is on you, however, if you follow the tips below you'll be on your way to that Superhost badge appearing on your listing.

Here's how to boost your rating, ensure a steady stream of bookings and make more cash this summer by updating your Airbnb with a few key essentials from Superbalist.

Get Organised

Airbnb tips

Nobody wants to live out of a suitcase; adequate shelving and moveable storage allows your guests to unpack so that they may feel at home on arrival. As bedroom space is usually at a premium, don't clutter the space with large units and instead make the most of space-saving options like clothing rails, shelving, side tables, baskets and other smart storage units that can double up as furniture.

Relax to the Max

Airbnb tips

Your house rules should address situations that will matter to your guests, because setting the right expectations before a trip can contribute to a better experience for both you and your guests. You'll know your space better than anyone, so explain how you've created a relaxing sanctuary for travellers to rest their tired feet after a long day of visiting all the local must-sees you recommended. And don't just tell, show guests how your space meets their relaxation needs by creating distinct quiet zones, chilled corners, soft touch cuddle-puddles and more.

A Place For Pampering

Airbnb tips

You can do far better than the prerequisite bathroom accessories such as enough toilet paper, soap and towels per guest. A mini-spa setup will invite guests to not just relax and unwind, but by using your thoughtfully laid out oils, balms, tinctures and other apothecary they'll leave your space relaxed, revived and ready to give your space the review it deserves. 

A Feel For Things 

Airbnb tips

Performing a turnover between each stay with fresh linens, sheets and towels is a given. So think about how you can go that much further. Remember, if guests wanted to stay at a boring hotel they would, so allow your space to be a reflection of your personality, with a warm homey feel filled with details like freshly picked flowers and rich tactile textures throughout. These subtle touches will go a long way in making your space much more memorable.

The Perfect Ambience

Airbnb tips

Like we said before, nobody knows your space quite as well as you do, so help guests to fall in love with your home by doing away with any guess work. Load a music device with a playlist of your favourite music, leave a note as to which chair catches the best afternoon light for languid reading, inform guests as to what windows they should open to allow in a draft and then provide list of activities that go beyond the typical tours so guests may immerse themselves in your world. 

Well Nourished

Airbnb tips

A fridge filled with your favourite things will go a long way to allowing your guests a taste of your place. A six-pack of craft beer, bottle of wine, pack of biltong… Or if a guest is booking a room in your home then why not invite them to enjoy a meal with you and your family? Provided you've read their body language and they'd appreciate the gesture, even something as simple as a cup of coffee will leave a long-lasting impression. 

Remember why Airbnb started off in the first place: making travellers feel at home.

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