The Mixtape Vol. 184

Psych Night and Vans present Endless Daze

Endless Daze Festival is the brainchild of Psych Night, a group of five like-minded music lovers who since 2012, in collaboration with Vans, have provided a platform for bands to showcase their wild and wonderful sounds to audiences around the country.

From small-scale events to touring international acts Night Beats (2013), Golden Animals (2014), Allah-Las (2015), The Black Lips (2015), Froth (2016), The KVB (2016), The Sun Flowers (2017), Moon Duo (2017) and Thee Oh Sees (2017) and starting their own boutique festival, they've done the most for the altnernative music scene in South Africa.

But you already know this. (Surely you read this piece on their debut festival in 2016, or our interview with the Psych Night boys last year?)

And if you haven't already bought your tickets for a weekend of music at Silwerstroom Resort 2-4 November then get them here

Otherwise give this mix a listen to get into the mood, tracklist available after the jump. 

The Dinosaurs - 'Heart Shaped Tongue'

NONN - 'Need'

Candice Gordon - 'The Kids Are Alt Right'

The Brother Moves On - 'Sweety Love'

Clayton Human - 'Witches'

Medicine Boy - 'Diamonds'

Kidofdoom - 'Cadillac Of The Sky'

Black Math - 'Sweet Dull Warmth'

Julia Robert - 'Pretty Bloody'

Dead Meadow - 'Good Moanin’'

Dumama & Kechou - 'Makoti'

WITCH - 'Black Tears'

Black Lung - 'River'

Zoo Lake - 'Black Gated Mega Dungeon'

Diamond Thug - 'Sapphire'

Morena Leraba - 'Lithebera'

Runaway Nuns - 'Alright Now'

A Place To Bury Strangers - 'You Are The One'

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - 'Grace'

Yndian Mynah - 'Berlioz! You Chop'

Them Fads - 'Love Her'

Sakawa Boys - 'Tunnels'

A.S. Fanning - 'Dark Star'

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