The Mixtape Vol. 183

Niskerone brings a smooth liquid D&B selection

Mark Stevens started using his alias Niskerone in high school, after his friend Lee Herbert (today a tattoo artist at Sins of Style) christened him with it. With a residency at Fiction in Cape Town, he's gone on to play pretty much everywhere in the country, including major festivals and touring both Europe and the States. Listen to his mix of liquid D&B, and read our interview with the artist after the jump.

What was the first album you ever bought?

I think it was The Prodigy's Experience or Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) it might have been both, it was so long ago...

Describe your dance style.

I got told I dance like a dad, since then I've resorted to the headnod and some finger snaps… Unless I'm performing somewhere, in the booth all kinds of magic tends to happen.

How should fans approach the booth?

Approach with a smile, and be careful not to touch any buttons or knock over any drinks.

Which acts do you love sharing a stage with?

In SA, that would definitely be HAEZER and Miki San Tzu. It's always goes up to 11, when those boys are around. If you speak to Miki, ask him about Oppi.

What's in the mix you made us?

I put together a smooth liquid D&B selection, perfect for headphone jamming at while at work, the gym or with friends at pre-drinks.

You've been in the game for a while, what are the major changes you've noticed?

The main positive thing that I've noticed is that events have become a lot more inclusive (race, gender etc) these days and a lot less divided, which was quite common when I was coming up. I hope this can continue.

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