The Mixtape Vol. 48

Haezer has a new EP and just bought a nightclub

When Ebenhaezer Smal heard that iconic Cape Town club Fiction was for sale he immediately sold his car and bought it. Haezer has always been spontaneous – just listen to one of his sets for proof – and he’d bought the car on a whim in the first place anyway.

“I’ve always seen Fiction as a DJ bar, but not in a pretentious, exclusive DJs-only vibe,” says Haezer. “I just love the idea of DJs coming to a party for fun on a night they are not supposed to play. But then always bring the USB with just in case they want to jump on for a back to back. My vision for Fiction is to always deliver quality music and a welcoming atmosphere. I don’t want it to be genre specific, as long as it’s quality we will always play electronic music. I want to gain the trust of our audience to come to Fiction on any given night, without even looking up what party or DJs are playing, because they know it will be a good vibe regardless.”

The Fiction family includes Haezer’s manager and owner of Griet, Dominique Gawlowski, Rob Mulholland, owner of Door 221, events and night manager Angela Weickl and Simon Wilson the day manager. Changes so far include intelligent lighting on the dance floor, a re-calibrated sound system and a re-jigged DJ booth and bar with plans to upgrade the space four times a year.

If you build it they will come, and while Fiction aims to build the scene and showcase local talent, there have already been two international sets in two weeks. 

“We brought down dubstep/future bass artist Habstrakt for a secret show in collaboration with Olmeca Tequila. That’s an ongoing series and he was just the first. Then Skrillex also made an appearance and played a two hour set. He just rocked up and came to have a party. We were super stoked to have had him and he played an amazing set!”

And while he’s thrown himself into running this new venture, it’s still business as usual on the music side of things with Haezer having recently released a new EP. 

“I released ‘We Roll Hard’, my new three track EP via Kannibalen Records on the 8th March. I’m very pleased to see it’s already sitting at #11 on the beatport top 100 electro house releases and the response from my fans has been immense.” 

And this mix you've made for us, what’s going on here? 

“A bit of everything really. Some unreleased stuff and new releases. It’s a clear reflection of what I’m into right now and what you would expect in a Haezer DJ set.”