8 red carpet looks and the celebrities who should wear them

Inspired by the AFI Fashion Week JHB runway, Daniël Geldenhuys plays matchmaker

Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Photography: AFI

The designers at AFI Fashion Week JHB have never shied away from red carpet glam. It's the kind of event where you can count on witnessing a model walk the runway in something with enough tulle to keep the average dressmaker in business for a month. With the South African red carpet situation shaky at best, it's fun to imagine a world where our favourite celebs are wearing the best local red carpet designs from fashion week. Cue the daydream.

Matte Nolim

The Matte Nolim bubble gum aqua blue gown is a super fun subversion of the frilly norm. DJ Doowap would do this justice at the SAMAs, for sure. 

Marianne Fassler

Marianne Fassler is known for her wild taste in print (it figures when your label is Leopard Frock), so this sparkly silver maxi was an unexpected surprise. Picture Pearl Thusi wearing it on the red carpet at a Global Citizen event in JHB this December – a vision.

La Art Neviolle

This pink set by La Art Neviolle is like a sporty fairy tale with a little Carrie Bradshaw undertone. Someone willing to have a little fun should wear this to the SAFTAs, which is why we think Amanda du-Pont would steal the spotlight! 

Khosi Nkosi

Your favourite cousin, Pinky Girl, made her runway debut at Khosi Nkosi. It's easy to imagine her reprising this look at the next red carpet event on her and Bonang's social calendar – there are so many. With all those rumours about Bonang making a move to New York, maybe Pinky should reserve this traditional look to represent on a Manhattan red carpet? Then we can call her Tebogo Pinky Girl Style Ambassador Mekgwe. Ba fe! 


Since we're on the topic of Mo'Ghel, how do you dress a woman who's pretty much worn it all on the red carpet? Bonang needs something different now, something unusual, and this gown from Presidential is a perfect candidate. Decidedly ornate, this dress has an ancient regal air about it (think Cleopatra at the Met Ball). Complimented by the right hair and makeup, this has the potential to be Queen B's best look yet, perfectly comfortable next to her international counterparts on a Global Citizen red carpet this December. 

Orapeleng Modutle

Nomzamo Mbatha's red carpet moments tend to be ultra feminine dresses just as big and bright as her personality. A scroll through her Instagram feed proves she doesn't shy away from suiting for cocktail events. Picture her in Orapeleng Modutle's special agent coat dress on the SAFTA red carpet next year. It would be unexpected from both her and the designer, and pleasingly so. This is a look the oozes power and says without a shadow of a doubt, 'I'm a boss!'

Imprint Mzukisi Mbane

Plus size representation on the runway is too scarce, so a round of applause to Imprint's Mzukisi Mbane for casting Lerato Sengadi in this celebratory gown to close his show. Another woman who would look stunning in this dress is Thick Leeyonce. She could take this look straight to the SAMAs. 

C Squared

Yes, we need more women in suits on the red carpet, and this luminous black version from C Squared with sporty waist bag is a perfect start. For maximum impact, someone unexpected needs to rock this look. Thando Thabethe is perfect for this. She could wear it on any local red carpet, but also when she's in Milan again next year to attend the Moschino show as she did last season. She'll style it exactly as on the runway without a shirt, paired with her very own Thabooty's lingerie, just see. 

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