Even by Day Three (just trust us on the following festival must-haves)

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Words: Marieke Merts | Photographs: Getty

If you're reading this, you probably still coming down from Oppi and have your RTD ticket stashed firmly away in your purse for safe keeping. You've planned your snacks, borrowed a tent, bought an inflatable and have the lineup memorised.

South African festivals are getting bigger, better and more diverse, and while line-ups and dance moves may change, one thing won't: by Day Three, things are looking rough. With more than 24-hours of non-stop dancing, day drinking and dust behind you, the possibilities of being sunburnt, windswept and all round worse for wear, are high. But not this time. Not on our watch. There is a way to brave three days of festival and come out the other side looking better than all the other attendees.

Trust us on the following festival must-haves:

Wet Wipes

Buy these by the pack full. You can try to avoid the dust and dirt but it will find you; in your hair, in your nose, in your ears and in places we'd rather not mention here... Keep a pack of wet wipes handy to quickly freshen up between performances. Added bonus: these wipes will save the day when the queue for the showers gets too long, which is every time, and when the hot water runs out (yep, that will happen too).

A warm jacket that can tie around your waist

Don't let the Coachella images fool you, it's only crochet bikinis until the sun goes down. Whatever your festival of choice, when dusks arrives you'll be glad you had that jacket tied around your waist as part of your casual day look (think bikini top and shorts). Ease into the night and then later when you go back to camp you can throw over your puffer jacket.

Speaking of which, now is the time for your puffer jacket to really shine

You've spent all winter cruising around in this winter-must have, but let's not forget that before Balenciaga and Rihanna, puffer jackets were more for camping than couture. This sentiment will be fully appreciated when you realise that your puffer doubles as both a sleeping bag and a pillow – nothing ruins Sunday Funday quite like waking up with a sore neck and back from sleeping on hard ground.

Not all heroes wear capes. But they do wear sunglasses

Here is the ultimate key to looking goddess-like at a festival. Wear your biggest, most bougie sunglasses until nightfall. Sunglasses will hide anything from tired eyes to sunburn, and add instant glamour to any festival look. By the time night falls no one really cares what anyone looks like, and if they do they'll be too busy admiring your puffer jacket.

Keep things bright and breezy

The festival heat is real, plus you'll be doing tons of walking to and from the tent for drinks refills when not dancing up a storm. You need to be able to move in whatever you're wearing, keep cool and look good. Keep things simple, with bold, bright colours and minimalistic shapes that add a little breeze. Festival fun can be added afterwards; think lots of glitter and jewellery.

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