All the Jackets You’re Going to Need This Winter

Even if you make no other purchase, these 5 silhouettes will carry you through

superbalist winter jackets

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography: Tarryn Hatchett | Styling: Jason Basson 

Winter is all about outerwear. Once the temperatures drop low enough, jackets become the permanent fixture in your outfit that essentially makes or breaks the look. From fuzzy furs to classic trench coats, the options are pretty much limitless - especially when you factor the trendy updates of oldies that are all-time goodies. Making sure the choices that will keep you warm without compromising your style becomes that much more important. One wrong move nullifies any ounce of dopeness that you may have had going with other pieces: the stakes are high and you shouldn't be caught slipping. 

So, as you get kitted out to beat the cold in style, here's a checklist for your survival...

The Blazer


A tried-and-true essential that’s as pivotal to professional power dressing as it is to sealing sophistication into a glam look, your winter wardrobe may as well be myth without a good blazer. Returning as a standout trend that nobody saw coming, you’re going to see more updates of the jacket shape than you’ll care to experiment with, do branch out of the norm. But start with the classic tones and prints before exploring the trend in all its newness.

The Parka

parka jacket

The parka is the cool and casual throw-on-and-go piece that you won’t freeze in the name of fashion in. Statement jackets are great, but it’s basic items that are unremarkable enough for you to repeat plenty of times without anyone feeling the need to call you out that stretch your wardrobe beyond its limits.

The Puffer

puffer jacket

Finding the balance between style and sensibility with its latest refreshes, puffer jackets are a cozy winter mainstay that also put you on the most up-to-the-minute side of chic. Once reserved only for ski slopes, they’re now a super fashionable option that will keep you as warm as possible.

The Biker

biker jacket

An undisputed classic that will never go out of style, a moto jacket is one of those thing you just cannot do without. It goes from the airport to a night out to a casual day at the office and everything in between. Getting it in black is always a failsafe bet, but hey, retro 80’s Gucci feels with a red option are always a vibe.

The Overcoat

wool overcoat

Spoiler: this is one piece that you might want to invest a bit more coin in. It’s classic, stylish and enough of a cover-up to provide warmth. You’ll probably wear it for the longest amount of time - they tend to laaast - so make sure you pick one you won’t have issues committing to. If you’re up for it, reach for the bold colours, this season, adding a little brightness to your winter wardrobe goes a long way in eliminating the general dullness of the season.

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