5 Cossies You’ll Need to Set the Mood in Summer 2018

The swimwear starter pack


Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography: Luke Kuisis | Styling: Leandro De Sousa Benito

Poolside posers and actual swimmers alike can agree that no matter what business you have wearing a swimsuit, the least you can do is gather us by the edges. And if you switch between the two, you need to pick costumes that can back your vibe at whatever time. And honestly, most of that partly relies on matching your mood to pull off perfection. Of course, occasion matters here as much as it does with the rest of your wardrobe, it’s always the setting that propels your slay to greater heights - we also took it upon ourselves to put forward the beverage coolers you might prefer with each look, think of it as a serving suggestion...

boobtube swimsuit

For any moment that requires the look of absolute opulence, complete with metallic ladder detail, you could even wear this boobtube number with a pair of strappy heels to set off an unshook rich b*tch mood finish it with a hat that takes the sophistication up another notch. The drink: a dry martini, babes.

tropical print swimsuit

Playful with a cool balance between chic and flirty with the halterneck detail and graphic print; this one’s for when you’re feeling cute and laid-back, but still want it known that you won’t slip up on style. Pair with espadrilles and a fresh smoothie and then head out on that tranquil self-care solo beach date.

cut-out asymmetrical bikini

Asymmetrical necklines and cut-out details are the swimwear details dujour at the moment, and naturally an outing to a stylish beach club is the perfect time to flaunt your trend savoir faire. A chilled coconut pineapple float would probably be the drink that matches the sprightly sass of it all, don’t forget statement earrings.

black one piece and cover-up

Switch a “swimming team” style one piece up with a eye-catching crochet cover-up for a combination that is as sporty as it is stylish – but keep it grounded with platform slides. With the costume allowing you to be cosy, at the same time, this look lets you make the rules as you go. Wear on it on a poolside chill with friends or a post-beach beachfront chill… with a spritzer in hand.

orange bikini

A classic bikini style that’s kept fresh by the bright pop of colour, worn with leather sandals and a straw bag, is an understated look that gives as much in timelessness as it does in style. It makes enough of a statement for you to stand out at a pool party, but isn’t overawing that you’d need to be standoffish to pull it off. Cool down with a tall glass of lemonade.

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