The 5 Beauty Products We’re Obsessed With Right Now

Brand new fixers to take your routine from “that’s cute” to “SNATCHED!”

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Your beauty kit needs regular updates, that’s a fact you couldn’t get around, even if you wanted to try. The same way that your skincare regimen has to switch up according to seasons, your makeup looks need a re-up every now and then. With the weather getting lighter, the inspiration to try new looks is a real thing, so we’ve picked out five key products that are gonna be of use on the daily through the different stages of summer from Superbalist’s new offering. Disclaimer: the obsessions listed below are  ALL priorities...

billion dollar brows

With it being the crucial step that frames your face in a way that either does it the justice it deserves or turns you into another human completely, good quality brow products are an absolute must, and we raise you Billion Dollar Brows. You need a good primer to prepare your brow hairs for filling them in – or to style them on a fresh faced day, a powder that blends easily, an angled brush you can control easily and highlighter and concealer for the final step that defines everything.


A treasured secret to brightening up your face is lashes that come through at the perfect volume. One of the items in your collection that needs a regular update, the perfect mascara for this has tight bristles that gather, coat and give length to each lash almost individually. Our absolute fave is L’Oreal’s Volume Million; it does all the things without any clump action.


A colour correcting palette with all the pigments you’d possibly need is heaven in a container – and more importantly – an investment you need to make. Very few of us are aware that we need the full spectrum of concealers for a truly flawless finish to your complexion, and getting them all at once means saving money and space in your makeup bag, so the Stila Correct and perfect colour correcting palette is for the WIN.


Never underestimate the power of nailing the right glow for a look. You might think that “a glow is a glow is glow”, so any highlighter works… But each one serves its own purpose. For the dewy finishes you’re likely to need on a more regular basis, look for a rosy tone, better yet, Stila’s Heaven's hue highliter magnificence.


As much as they’re a key essential, setting sprays have been known to completely ruin finished makeup looks by leaving a white residue, so they may also be as much of a gamble. It’s a choice that needs to be made wisely. L’Oreal’s Infallible Fixing Mist keeps your beat in place for hours! Tried, tested and proven, it’s a firm favourite for many. It's best you buy it before it completely sells out.

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