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Petite-girl style dilemmas sorted

petite-girl style dilemmas sorted

By Zoya Pon

As a mini-model it never ceases to annoy me when I'm doing a fitting and, nine times out of 10, wardrobe has no idea what to do with me. This is not to say that these stylists aren't good at their job, they're great at dressing a certain type of body... 

The industry is slowly changing though, and from the inclusion of non-binary identities to different body types we're finally seeing more diversity in the fashion world. 

I've noticed a shift towards catering for the customer instead of dictating to them, and I'm being booked on jobs I never expected to be considered for. Still, one thing that hasn't changed is my struggle with wardrobe. This struggle is highlighted when how I dress isn't entirely up to me. Of course I want to look good, and as a petite girl in an overly-long-pant-leg world, have learnt some small-girl style commandments that I'd like to share with all you other shorties. 

Length is important and fit is your friend

petite-girl style dilemmas sorted

Roll up your pant legs or get them altered. Better yet, buy your pants in the right size the first time. Small girls have to embrace the fact that crop pants fit as regular pants. My tip is to fold inward if you're not for the whole ankle exhibitionist lewk. 

Then if the leg on a size 6 was too long, how do you think an 8 is going to look? Well-fitted (not necessarily tight) clothing is your friend.

The shorter the leg, the shorter the hem

petite-girl style dilemmas sorted

An A-line on a 1.8m model is not going to be an A-line on you, and a mini on you is going to cover about as much as a T-shirt does on her. This really does matter, because a shorter hem shortens the top half and lengthens the bottom, instead of making your lower half look shorter than it really is. So rock that mini, as well as wearing a maxi or mid-length skirt, too, just pay attention to my first point.

As long as the hem is where it's meant to be, you're aces. The issue comes when that A-line becomes a knee-length and that maxi ends up in a crumple of fabric on the floor. (Fit, fit, fit!)

A little heel goes a long way (and yes, you can wear ankle boots, high-top sneakers and ankle straps, too!)

petite-girl style dilemmas sorted

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Your heels don't have to be sky-high, and while a stiletto can level the playing field there are plenty of other options, too. A platform can make all the difference. Not just in height, but creating a slimming illusion and helping your posture. This will make you look taller, slimmer and feel great. And who doesn't want to feel great?

Paired with a shorter hem or well-fitted jeans, there's no reason why you can't rock that new sneaker drop. And same goes for ankle straps. 

Small girls aren't onions

petite-girl style dilemmas sorted

We don't do multiple layers. So if you're a stylist reading this, please don't drown our frames. Several layers of clothing will make us look like a cake. Small girls rely on their shape, which can easily get lost under too many layers of clothing. Instead go for statement, well-fitted clothing, and keep it balanced on top and below.

You can do oversized clothing

petite-girl style dilemmas sorted

Small girls can rock an oversized shirt or pants just as well as our longer-limbed sisters. The key, as with layers is balance, baby. Let your features work for you, your legs can still be your asset (they're my favourite body part), but they need enunciation when over-sized anything comes to play. Opt for bare legs instead of pants (add stockings if its cold), with shorts and dresses. If you really want to have fun then check out my piece on how to wear a hoodie as a dress. If you have a curvy figure, go voluminous below and well fitted on top.

Tips for that perfect #ootd pic

petite-girl style dilemmas sorted

Angles are your friend. Get to know them! A full length does not have to end with you questioning if you really have the shape of an Oompa-Loompa or picked up two kilos without knowing it. When taking full-length photos, shoot with your camera tilting up (imagine the slash is your phone and the asterisk is your face; so angled like this \ * ; not this / *), back straight, one leg bent behind your straight leg or one leg outwards pointing away from you. It may feel exaggerated, but even tall girls and ramp models use these poses. Work it. 

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