Accessories to Seal Your Style Stamp

The 5 fashion-forward finishes you need right now


The tricky thing with nailing trends is that it’s the tiniest details that make the most difference with your look. It’s the slightest finishes like earrings and belts that take an outfit to the next level and paying attention to that detail is what sets the style stars apart from those ‘faking it until they make it’. So, let’s to get your cart set to check out with the tidbits that will have you looking stylish all the way through the coming summer months, shall we? We’ve gone ahead and picked out our top 5 accessory must-haves to shop on Superbalist, right now, happy scrolling… 

micro bag

Easily the chicest shape to clutch, this season, micro bags are an absolute must! Coming through as a novelty accessory in Louis Vuitton’s AW collection, a couple of seasons ago, teeny handbags that resemble trinkets, camera bags and trunks are the seasonal style heat-seekers that add the sophisticated detail that matters.

reflective sunglasses

We should have seen this one coming from when brands like retrosuperfuture became a thing. Although this can be attributed to the rise of gorpcore and other trends that borrow from the outdoors, reflective sunglasses are right up there with some of the hottest accessories to own at the moment. Think Dior in collaboration with Rihanna, darling.

shoulder dusters

The shoulder duster moment is one that just keeps accelerating. For a few seasons now, the dainty tassels have been the perfect finishes to laid back feminine looks and they only seem to be becoming more prominent. We’re saying get them while they’re still shoppable, you’ll need them for every second look when sunny weather sets in.

denim buckle bag

When in doubt, belt it. Belts are coming through as one of the key accessories right now: be it belt bags, belts that cinch your waist, belts that add dimension with a dramatic buckle (a la Y2k fashion), it’s all about adding the detail to your midriff. It may also be a fun way to double up on denim, without doing too much.

straw bag

Prairie-ready fashion never quite looks complete without a woven straw bag... We don’t make the rules, we’re just here to convey them to you. You could either go for a big one here or opt to stick to the rounded micro bag silhouette, the choice is yours, but this is the main ingredient for a complete look of leisure.

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