The Mixtape Vol. 172

Sano blends hip-hop with some genre-bending work from a few of his favourite producers and artists

SANO is one of Cape Town's best up-and-coming DJs and part of the well known collective, The T.R.A.P, who host monthly events alongside Afro-Electronic music producer, Jakinda of Stiff Pap, and House connoisseur DJ J-Que.

Regularly playing popular nightlife events like Uppercut, Prime, Night Show, Up Yours, Yours Truly Loop, Party On The Stoep, and more, SANO has the hip-hop game on lock, and is able to cater to large or small crowds. With no musical discrimination his tastes range from hip-hop and R&B, to Bass and Electronic, and all that matters is that he mixes great music incredibly well. You can read our Q&A with SANO after the jump.

Who is SANO?

SANO is my creative essence. It's also my middle name, so it's always been part of me. The origin is Kinyarwanda, the language of my people of Rwanda, and means, "we have something in common" so it's about relation or connection.

Besides DJing, what do you do?

I'm an Architecture Honours student by day and an aspiring audiophile and producer at night

What type of music do you mix?

My mixes depend on the people I'm playing for, as it should, as well as the mood and location. Some sets require groovy tunes to ease conversation, others require energy and excitement to get people onto the dancefloor. Versatility is key.

Why did you get into DJing?

Initially I wanted to go into DJing to help me to make friends when I got to Cape Town. Sharing good times and good music with people and going on a musical journey. I'm proud to say I've met some really cool people along the way.

Which music has influenced your sound?

The music of the internet. Whether it's Soulection, Kaytranada or other producers who came alive through the internet. They've all inspired me by the way new genres and genre-bending creates interesting new sounds that resonate and get it right every time.

What impacts the music you seek out?

Good music always resonates with the body, whether it's a classic or something you've never heard before. I like to look out for a nice balance between the two when playing sets.

Who are you favourite up-and-coming acts?

Stiff Pap, Darkie Fiction, Red Robyn, Fernando, Tzara...

Who and what are we sleeping on?

We're sleeping on platforms that support and showcase new talent. Granted we all prefer finished products, but concepts like Under Pressure Sundays are essential to the cultural production of new and interesting music. Shout out Under Pressure. Also don't sleep on SANO.

What have you mixed for us today?

A mix of local and international influences that's mostly centred towards hip-hop, blended with some genre-bending work from a few of my favourite producers and artists. Good energy and great vibes only.

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