6 Ways to Standout in Superga

The Italian icon now available from a traditional 2cm sole to the statement-making 7cm platform

Superga is a brand synonymous with quality products and a timeless, standout look. Since 1925, the 2750 has been the most recognisable Superga footwear shape, a classic yet colorful Italian icon that keeps on accompanying the steps of millions of feet around the world. With its two centimetre sole, it's suitable for every age and every style, becoming the benchmark of authenticity. Since day one, the design has been revised, injecting a sense of spontaneity and effortlessly chic style to this classic silhouette.

This new range of Supergas are a modern reinvention of the original. They feature an array of different soles, created to play with looks and match different personalities. Each shoe includes a sole that varies in height – from the traditional 2cm sole to the statement-making 7cm platform. Successfully combining a classic silhouette with bolder overtones, this range is sure to add extra panache to your outfits when you're on the move.

2750 - UP2


Behold the epitome of comfort and elegance. It features the traditional, pebbled rubber sole, a low cut silhouette and a canvas upper that represents one of the brand's founding – and most popular – designs. This Superga is playful, simple and definitely a must-have for every wardrobe. Link these up with rolled-up jeans and a graphic tee for a striking, casual look. 

2730 - UP3


The 2730 is a slightly revised classic. They're canvas shoes with a 3cm platform, an unlined upper in extra strong, fully breathable pure cotton with an outsole in vulcanized natural rubber. This shoe is sure to freshen up your everyday style with its informal elegance. Style with mom jeans and a polo neck for a chic, 90s-inspired look.

2790 - UP4


This shoe stands right in the middle between classic and bold – a cross between a flat plimsoll and a platform shoe, featuring a chunky vulcanised rubber sole. With a 4cm platform, it's sure to spice up your shoe collection, adding a sassy and unique touch. Pair them up with statement trousers and an oversized hoodie for a striking ensemble. 

2287 - UP5


The classic Superga 2750 morphs into a "bubble" version with a new oversize platform and a comfortable build that is a pleasure to wear. The 2287 is a contemporary, fashion sneaker with a 5cm platform sole that has a soft, playful appeal. Link this standout pair up with culottes and a short, ruffle tee for a statement-making ensemble. 

2802 - UP7


Made thick to feel bold. The 2802 is a daring, provocative and cosmopolitan shoe that, due to its 7cm platform, is the most eye-catching model. With the highest platform out of all the Superga shoes, you're sure to stand out in a crowd and feel like you're on top of the world in these, quite literally taking your shoe game to the next level. Style with a short, check skirt and a black mesh top for a complete look. 

NOTE: Shoe sizes are EURO-centric. Please check table for best fit.

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