The Mixtape Vol. 165

An exclusive mix from the producer behind Superbalist's TV ads, Daniel Lidchi

Daniel Lidchi is an exciting young producer who has been making music under various monikers for about seven years now.

Today we're excited to share his Constantia Mom mix, which we specifically requested after our socials started blowing up with "who made the track?!" whenever our new TV ads were broadcast. Now whenever we receive that same request we can share this link to the interview with Daniel Lidchi, accompanied by his exclusive 20-minute mix.

Besides making sound for television, Daniel runs the label he co-founded, 1991 Global, which you may remember from when we shared the delicious Gourmet album, here

Otherwise Daniel asks that you follow him on Instagram, play his mix and read the quick Q&A interview that we did with him after the jump.

How did you end up scoring the Superbalist ad?

My housemate works at the advertising agency that did the ad, and the night before the commercial's final approval insisted I write something he could pitch to the team. I made the track and the team preferred it to what they had actually commissioned.

What went into composing the track and what would you like to convey with the score?

I just watched the film and wanted to create a solid vibe and mood. Something to compliment the attitude of the visuals.

What's the secret to a good ear worm?

Migos adlibs.

Intel, BMW and Coke use sonic branding, if you had to design an audio mnemonic synonymous with Superbalist, what would it be?

Migos adlibs.

What's in the mix you made for us and where should we play it?

Vibes that inspired the track I did for the 'Show Them' tv. Play it in your car, that's probably my favourite place to listen to new music.

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