Fashion That’s Ready For Whatever

When you have to be at fashion week at 14:30 and on your mountain campsite at 17:00

Gorpcore Trend

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Akim Jardine

Even though some among us remain unsure about what it actually entailed, normcore came, caused a storm and faded. We then moved onto trends that favoured the look of opulence with furs, velvets and laces being some of the foremost fabrications, in recent seasons. But, much like the universe, the fashion world functions on balance, so this season sees the trend du jour leaning back towards functional simplicity made fashion with gorpcore. Except this time, the look is quite specifically mountain chic, instead of the bland and ‘normal’ look of normcore.

This wave wave of anti-fashion dressing that’s slanted in a daggy dad aesthetic was ushered in by fashion’s fixation with all things “ugly” – hey Balenciaga with the sneakers and puffers, Prada with the ugly sandals –  and the recurring concept of athleisure. The attitude is distinctly Vetements’ ‘wear what you want, we just don’t care’. 

In the spirit of keeping up with the times, we’ve put together four looks to help you nail fashion’s latest phase, the key pieces are as follows...

gorpcore: track pants

The "scruffy dad" wardrobe essential, sweatpants are key to achieving a look inspired by the gorpcore shift. Yes, Karl Lagerfeld may have said "you lost control of your life and bought some sweatpants", and that look of being unbothered is the aim here. Contrast them with statement sneakers and a luxe coat to get the perfect juxtaposition sophistication and comfort.

gorpcore: rugged sneakers

The best way to tap into any trend – especially one that may give you cold feet – is with footwear. With this second wave of high low dressing, it's all about the kicks that look like you can trek some serious terrain in. With its rugged sole and utility-inspired aesthetic, Converse's new range of Chucks lend themselves perfectly to hitting this look on the mark. 

gorpcore: oversized jacket

The oversized puffer is an absolute must-have when you need to look like a middle-aged contestant on The Amazing Race turned fashion slay Queen. Spotted on Balenciaga, Prada, Marques' Almeida and on your favourite street style star, this piece is not negotiable, whether you're trying to look like you'll be rigging a tent on the mountain or not. Listen, it's not often that a piece that reaches the highest level of cosiness and comfort also happens to be the hottest trend, in winter.

gorpcore: chic accessory

You want the rest of your look to say "Oh, I just threw this on!", but the smaller details need to reinforce your position on the cutting edge of all things stylish, so do it with chic accessories. Yes, you're more likely to be found ordering a flat white with almond milk at your favourite café than skiing the slopes in Lesotho, but why not confuse us a little? 

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