How To Wear High Fashion

A look at the prominent trends from AFI's CT Fashion Week ramp and how to style them with this season's key pieces

AFI Cape Town Fashion Week 2018

Words and styling: Mira Leibowitz | Photography: Paulo Sergio Toureiro

Seeing a designer's pieces roll out on the ramp is all very exciting until we ask ourselves: “But how would I actually wear this?”

Of course there are those fashion girls who can pull off these garms in a way that just looks effortless, but that is a skill very few of us possess, and for the rest of us context is key. 

So, let's explore and unpack the ways to incorporate designer into your day-to-day. Just remember that style is about you, the person wearing the clothes, and if you can pull it off with confidence then you’re doing it right. If you take away one piece of advice from this piece it's this: be true to your own taste.

This is even more applicable when wearing high fashion. Just because you saw it put together a certain way on the ramp doesn't mean you have to copy and paste that exact look. Mix it up, dress it down, or elevate it to the full extent. Just make sure that you're comfortable in it and it works for you. 

These are the designers who caught our eye at last weekend's AFI Cape Town Fashion Week, which we've styled with key items from Superbalist's Autumn/Winter offering. Have a scroll and get inspired.

Nicholas Coutts

Throw a bold puffer over your maxi to balance out proportions.

Pairing a practical puffer jacket with this sparkling piece of wearable art by Nicholas Coutts is the kind of fashion contradiction that works perfectly. Oh, and don’t forget a pair of satin stiletto heels to complete the look.

Leigh Schubert

Sometimes more is more! Making a statement is a BIG MOOD.

We paired this tropical shimmering Leigh Schubert bodysuit with super trendy cropped, gingham trousers and the Superbalist style team's favourite – embellished scuba boots.


Sack dresses are completely trans-seasonal and perfect for layering.

When it comes to sack dresses, the answer is always "layer it, babes!" Especially in the colder months. Here we’ve styled it with some polka dots on top, darker florals at the bottom and a pair of killer patent boots to spice up the minimal designer piece.

Leandri Mulder (Fashion Revolution)

High waist culottes are always a winner for the waistline.

We're pretty obsessed with these woven culottes. Keep your top tucked in to emphasise your waist, like we’ve done here with a simple striped knit. We’ve also slipped on a pair of red kitten heel boots to compliment the colour palette. 

Sitting Pretty

Sometimes all you need is the season’s best footwear trend to complete a look. This time that’s the white boot.

Jumpsuits are the greatest! A one item look in summer, but layer with a high neck dailyfriday bodysuit, keep a hoodie close by and step into your white boots and you’re good to go!


Don’t be afraid to combine colours you wouldn't usually wear together, sometimes it’s an unexpected match made in heaven.

Well hello there poppin’ red coat!  We're so here for Kahindo’s pink gingham suit, those slits are working with our plaid boots so damn well.

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