My Aesthetic: Nomalanga Shozi

The Durban-based fire flame that is coming for everything

Nomalanga Shozi

Words: Afrika Lethabo Bogatsu | Photography: Lonwabo Zimela

Hailing from Port Shepstone, Nomalanga Shozi is a 24-year-old actress, TV and radio presenter, model and fashion-lover. Having travelled abroad and interviewed the hottest local and international celebrities and artists for MTV Base , Nomalanga is still undeniably proud of her KZN roots. She describes her hometown as under-rated despite it having incredibly huge opportunity. “There's this perception that nothing ever happens in Durban, but most of the incredibly talented people in our entertainment industry hail from Durban/KZN. Give us a few more years, we have a lot cooking here.”

With regards to what she’s been cooking up she’s currently focussing her energy on honing her various skills as a freelance PR consultant along with her many other talents.

Nomalanga Shozi

When asked how she juggles being in front of the camera, behind the mic and all her other exploits including your own personal life, while attempting to find a balance, she says she doesn’t have much time for a personal life but she tries really hard to make time for family and friends despite the fact that she works around the clock. “I have a really tight schedule, with radio and TV work being two cities apart. I enjoy it all, though. Too much fun! I sleep on my off days, lol.”

With such an intense schedule that consists of jetting off between her home base Durban and Johannesburg, she still somehow manages to be stylish whenever and wherever she is. She attributes her effortless style to a strong collection of basics. She advises other aspiring young flames to buy tons of basic items that you can switch up with a few statement pieces. “Create your own kind of fabulous, they'll love you for it.”

Nomalanga Shozi

When asked how she’d describe her style she says “Ngeke ung'confirm-e.” which basically means she won’t be pigeonholed as she’s far to complex to be boxed into one style. “Anything and everything influences how I dress. Sometimes it's the weather, sometimes a lovely fashion spread I saw in a magazine, sometimes the shape of an interesting tree even. Sometimes a good-looking guy... It really depends on what my eye catches (this is not a mistake, I literally mean what my eye catches, not what catches my eye,” she laughs.

Believe it or not, Nomalanga says her looks were inspired by the fact that most of her clothes were at the laundromat, so she just worked with what she had. She says the denim look of jeans layered over a dress was inspired by municipal workers that clean the streets in the inner city. “Always dressed in blue, day in, day out. This is my denim interpretation of that.”

Nomalanga Shozi

The second outfit is a typical Nomalanga lunch date look. “I absolutely love that Diesel bag and jeans combo. While it’s really boyish, the coat and kitten heels bring in the feminine element that I always love to keep in my looks.”

Her third look, a sequined top - which is actually a dress, FYI - and high-rise ninja pants, is her favourite. She’d wear it on stage while MC’ing an event or to The Chairman. "You could also say that this look is thirst trap for a night out, or a date - just to give the guy a heart attack” she gives a hearty laugh.

When asked what she’d love to be remembered for outside of her incredible style she says “I am a terrible dancer who LOVES music with all of her heart. My work and love for life as well, but mostly my bad dancing.”

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