Look like you

Three ways to do matchy fashion with your smallest fan

Look like you

Photography: Casey Bertie | Art direction: Charl Edwards | Styling: Mira Leibowitz

If you’re the style icon in your little one’s life, you’re probably no stranger to having your outfits copied. Kids, godkids, younger siblings and cousins aren’t always the ones wanting to match up, though – thanks to the likes of Nori, Blue Ivy and Suri Cruise, kids’ clothing has become covetable enough that it’s tempting to co-opt their style. Luckily, you don’t need Kanye as a stylist or a Carter-Knowles budget to get the look – here are three easy ways to do matchy fashion with your smallest fan.

Match by fabric

Pair up in matching prints and patterns, whether you’re dressed in the same style or something in a different shape. Look alike in a men’s checked shirt and gingham dresses, a boldly printed blouse matched with tiny shorts in the same fabric, or the almost-identical dresses seen here. The look is as cute as it is easy to complete, even letting dads who don’t stray from work shirts and ties match with their little girls at parents’ day. Accessorise the style with fresh white sneakers – latte and babycino optional.

Match by cut

For not-so-little ones, matching exactly can be tricky – you’ve got your defined style, and they’re ready to experiment with theirs. If you’ve got a favourite colour in common, however, the problem is solved: you can both get creative with the same palette for looks that show off your own unique takes on the tones. If you dress for utility but you’ve got a maximalist following in your footsteps, you’ll find yourself stocking up on accessories, which is great – they won’t grow out of those in a hurry. 

Match by colour

Iconic retro-inspired sportswear is having a moment, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Sportswear is a comfortable look for little ones to try, and you get to enjoy the benefits too – a cosy look that’s also extremely Instagram-ready. Grab iconic brands for standout style, and score extra points if you get the whole family dressed alike.

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