You times two

Three looks for you and your littlest fan

Look like you

Photography: Casey Bertie | Art direction: Charl Edwards | Styling: Mira Leibowitz

Whether you’re a dad, uncle, big brother or just a role model, if there’s a little one in your life you might find yourself taking on another position: style icon. Embrace the imitation with looks that’ll be as sharp on you as they are cute on them – Instagram-ready and kid-friendly. 


Pair up in one of this season’s freshest patterns – we’d suggest camo for easy pairing with high impact. The pieces don’t have to be identical: it’s all in the print, so it’s babygrow-friendly.


This is iconic style inspired by retro hip hop looks – plus, it’s comfortable too. Kids can keep cosy this winter in style that comes in all size and makes a statement when matching up with parents, older siblings or aunts and uncles.

Golf shirts

Perhaps the easiest way to match with junior is to get him his own size of a piece you’ve almost surely already got. Blue jeans or chinos worn with a classic tee or golf shirt are all you need for a look that’s paired-up, but grown-up too.

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