Four ways to stand out in these streets

Make your street style shout in Superbalist's latest sneaker and streetwear drops

streetwear sneakers

Words: Nabeel Allie | Photography: Bevan Davis

Dressing for these streets is no mean feat. Firstly, you have to be comfortable – no one wants to stroll down any street, road or avenue in jeans they can barely move in and shoes that are too tight. Then it's all about how you express yourself. That’s the beauty of street style: adding your own look to the melting pot of fashion found on pavements, zebra crossings and benches across the city. 

TWoU selected four of Superbalist's latest sneaker drops, styling looks from the feet up that show how your next combo needn’t be a stop-start affair. 

From the court to the street

how to dress like a sneakerhead

It should come as no surprise that adidas Originals Forum LO can easily deliver an athletic look. Staying true to the Forum’s basketball heritage we styled them with white tube socks, but then opted for jeans and a hoodie for a cosy outfit. adidas’ focus is and has always been sports, and as a brand they absolutely nail the sport aesthetic. One of the great things with the Forum LO is the coloured stripes can add a pop of colour when worn with an even-toned look or, like me, you can integrate them to work colour into your outfit. It's these little things can take an outfit to the next level, which is why the stripes match with my beanie. 

The right stripes

how to dress like a sneakerhead

Having three stripes stretch from your ankle to your shoulder is something that millions are in love with, and something that no other brand can hope to achieve but nevertheless copy. You could pull off a fully branded look with any brand because that’s how they design capsules these days, but no brand can deliver that uninterrupted flowing feel that stripes running down the side can. Not for me at least. This stylish coach’s aesthetic uses a blue colour-blocked theme – how we imagine Benni McCarthy may dress on the weekend – and pairs it with adidas’ New York kicks. While the pants, jacket and stripes of the shoes connect well with each other, the light brown of the sneakers contrasts with my skin. 

Fresh AF1

how to dress like a sneakerhead

Nike's Air Force 1s occupy a unique realm of the sneaker-verse, and is the kind of shoe that everyone loves, most have copped and other brands unashamedly copy. Go for a walk around town and you’re certain to see AF1s, whether it’s the classic all-white silhouette or one of the hundreds of iterations they’ve produced over the decades. Styling these kicks with a white crew neck that features a matching camo print, a full camo look may be a bit intense – are you going duck hunting? – but you’re certain to make a statement when you use it subtly. Military styles have spread like wildfire since they entered popular fashion during the anti-war climate of America in the 70s and 80s. Kanye’s Yeezy capsules still rely heavily on these styles and while boots and jackets remain at the centre for such fashion, it’s the camo print that’s established itself as a streetwear staple. 

Keep it cool with colours

how to dress like a sneakerhead

Bringing together pastels with richer colours, this look is like a fashion sandwich, with deep colours on the feet and head and lighter colours in between. High-tops are a must for any rotation because one, they support the ankles and two, they make wearing shorts look cool. I opted for Sk8-Hi Vans – because no rotation is complete without at least one pair of Cali’s finest shoes – and paired them with my maroon fez. My fez finds its way into many different looks because it’s an extension of my faith and it’s important for me to express that. Being a Capetonian, does that make me self-aware or self-aweh? Regardless, I say salaam, put my hand on my heart and continue flourishing.

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