Summer Festival Packing Guide For Him

Get packed and ready to party with Superbalist’s festival fashion essentials

Summer Festival Packing Guide For Him

By Leandro de Sousa Benito

Most of us would have experienced that feeling of utter frustration, disappointment and the occasional existential crisis upon realising that we have forgotten something crucial to our festival experience. (Tent pegs, doh!) Not this time though, and with the Bazique Festival happening 16 – 18 March we want to ensure that you guys have your style sorted. (Don’t have tickets? Get yours here). 

Start with a graphic floral shirt that will make you stand out in the best possible way. Wear with a simple pair of black shorts, and because the details matter don’t forget your belt. Stay on trend in a denim trucker jacket which you can keep wrapped around your waist for when the temperature drops. And then although it may seem peculiar, a towel is your number one accessory as it’s got myriad uses beyond the original function: use it as a pillow, blanket, mattress, picnic blanket, cape, headdress, bandage, sarong or carry all your gear around in it. Seriously, don't forget your towel. 

What else? A pair of sweatpants hits the intersection of fashion and comfort and you’ll be able to bust your best moves all night. Then look around you and you’ll see that everybody knows that when it comes to festival footwear old school Vans are still the festival favourite (despite that weird thing some guys are doing where they wear their flip flops on the side of their ankles – what's up with that?). Amp things up in checkered socks for added street cool, and then don’t forget your Birkenstocks. 

Otherwise stay protected in a pair of sunnies and a cap, which not only beat the sun but are also the best way to hide a hangover. Your Instax camera needs to be close at hand for when you have to capture you and your crew looking on point.

Lastly, it’s the little things that matter. Your Casio watch will ensure you don’t miss any of the great music, you should keep some rubbers in your wallet, and whatever you do, do not forget your flask. It is a party after all. 

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