Summer Festival Packing Guide For Her

Don’t forget to shop Superbalist for these must have festival fashion essentials

Summer Festival Packing Guide For Her

By Amber Barker

We’ve booked out the weekend 16 – 18 March  for the Bazique Festival and the excitement is real. If you’d like to join us then get your tickets here, and then to ensure that you’re properly prepared for this three day lakeside extravaganza, we’ve gone and compiled a list of Superbalist fashion essentials. 

Let’s start with the basics. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with a slogan T-shirt that proudly states your intentions. Because you came to slay, not play. Pair with relaxed light washed denim and metallic slides for a fun 70’s silhouette.

When the sun comes out you’re going to want to throw on your bae watch red one piece, and rememeber to bring along a cute Aztec printed towel to really make a splash. Throw some shade in wide-rimmed yellow sunnies and a baseball cap that will have you covered.

When the evening turns cold you’ll be ready to rock your white oversized denim jacket, which you can simply throw on top of your day time look. Slip a hip flask into the pocket and you’ll have an extra layer to warm you up. Other party tricks in the form of fairy lights are sure to light up the night and spark a festive mood amongst fellow campers. 

Finding it difficult to choose between a fanny pack and backpack? Take both, because a girl needs options. You should then fill with things like a unicorn power bank and a Polaroid camera (the best way to remind yourself what happened the night before).

Finally, we know you are planning on partying the night away, but at some point you will need to sleep. Anyone who has camped before will tell you how difficult it is to sleep in a tent once the sun’s up. An eye mask will ensure you get your beauty rest. 

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