Customized Denim: don't DIY, buy!

Three reasons why customized denim should be as easy as shopping Superbalist

Words: Afrika Lethabo Bogatsu | Illustrations: Tarien Bruwer

There’s something special about using your creativity to customise your clothes, giving them a one-of-a-kind quality. Denim, probably the most customised material, has for years been transformed with unique rips, tears, contrast stitching, embellishments and other details. 

And while we’re all for taking initiative and the empowering nature of doing-it-yourself, when it comes to getting it right we’d much rather save ourselves the trouble and leave it to the professionals. Here's three reasons why we don't DIY, we buy. 

frayed denim

One of last year’s breakout trends was brought to us by French fashion house Vetements. Their jeans go for about R10 000, and we don’t know about you, but that’s a little steep for a pair of jeans. You can either fake it until you make it with a pair of scissors and your fave DIY YouTube channel playing in the background, or get the irregular hemmed and frayed edge look by using those same scissors to open your Superbalist package after buying your jeans already frayed. 

denim with embroidery

Embroidery and novelty patches are a cool and fun way to add an edge to your jeans. They’re great for adding character and fresh life to an old pair of denims, at the same time, they can easily look like a kindergarten arts and craft project if you’re not careful. That DIY life also means that you don’t know which of your patches will come unstuck after a few washes. And where does one even buy a glue gun anyway? Rather cop yours ready-made and swerve any surprises.

distressed denim

Rips have been around for a while now. They used to be symbolise childhood adventures like learning how to skateboard, stealing fruit from a neighbours garden, jumping over fences while being chased by aggressive stray dogs... And now they’re back topping the trend charts for grownups.

But listen, box cutters weren’t made for creating rips on jeans. What you may envision to be a slight rip on the knee, can quickly turn into a huge gaping hole, which will make your jeans incredibly impractical. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than winter chill biting at your bare knees. Say bye to DIY, and just buy customized denim. It's safer. 

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