Superbalist Solves The Bedroom

Get comfortable in a space for sleep and solace


Your bedroom should be about you, and provide room to relax. Don’t even think about bringing distractions – aside from before-bed magazines and books – into your sleeping space. Next, find ways to display your favourite items that show them off to their best advantage, saving on storage and decoration costs alike. 

Superbalist duvet set

Bedding shouldn’t necessarily be your favourite colour: it should be one that makes you feel relaxed. If you’re buying a few sets, ensure that they mix and match well together to make laundry day easy. 

Superbalist bedside table

Decide on your bedside light, then think about what you’d like your bedside table to accommodate. Shop accordingly, and don’t forget to ensure that it’s sturdy to avoid spills of tea, coffee or your nighttime water glass. 


You probably already know that cushions back for an easy (and inexpensive) update to older or bland furnishing, but learn to think of rugs and curtains as the mid-to-long-term ways to do the same: in other words, you can choose them in bolder colour than you would, say, a couch, but ensure you’d like to live with the look for a while. Assemble your favourite pieces – think an occasional chair, rug and cushions – and you’ll have an area for relaxation and Instagram opportunities alike. 


In small spaces, make use of awkward and unused wall areas by putting up hooks to hold beach towels or favourite winter coats to free up space in your closet. On that note, your clothes will look beautiful on a rail with just a little organisation – group items by colour for a gradient effect, or keep things with just denim and white or black. As ever, baskets make beautiful decor to keep papers, chargers, or any extras out of sight – just lay a blanket over the top for instant aesthetic appeal along with practicality. 

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