The Mixtape Vol. 145

Jiggy Nwabo shares a mix of his wavy homegrown sounds

Jiggy Nwabo is a musician and art director based in Cape Town who has always had music as his first love. Inspired by all things music, he got his older brother to teach him how to record mixes from radio chart singles using an old hi-fi, and then how to record the late-night music videos on VHS.

In high school Jiggy was battle rapping every lunch break, went on to record his raps and freestyles in varsity and released an EP of melodic raps as Siggy Sig in 2010.

With more self-belief, a much more refined sound and a name change, Jiggy Nwabo is one to watch, which is why we invited him to share his sound with The Way of Us and tell us a bit more about himself.

What music did you grow up listening to?

I grew up in a big family with music lovers that listened to different kinds of music. These vary from old school Motown ballads, blues, jazz, rap, gospel, Maskhandi, Afro pop and reggae. I probably got more influenced by my older brother who used to play a lot of rnb, Kwaito and hip hop music.

Before buying my own hip hop albums, I used to listen to Smirnoff Spin Hype Sessions compilations religiously. And when Fungayi Kanyuchi and Mizi Mtshali were editors of Hype Magazine I never missed a single issue.

Which song changed your life?

Eminem’s 'Sing for the Moment' inspired me to write my first rap song and Prokid’s 'Wozobona' made me fall in love with local hip hop music.

What are you listening on repeat nowadays?

I listen to a lot of wavy music. I’m all for the underdogs. I’m always vibing to dope tunes on Soundcloud. J Molley 'Dreams Money Can Buy', Emtee 'Manando', Belly 'Mumble Rap' and THEY 'Nü Religion: Hyena' have been on constant rotation on my phone.

What's on the mix you made us?

A couple of exclusive tracks that might make the cut on an upcoming project I’m working on. I included some beats produced by a close friend/producer Yumz, some beats by IKAZ BOI, Mükoma and Woodgrain and a verse from 'Zone 6' by A-Game.

Where can we keep up with everything you're doing?

TwitterSoundcloud and my 




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