How to dress for summer

Nine menswear authorities share their tips for looking your best in the warmer months

Illustrations: Nena Maree

Summer style is about so much more than flip-flops and boardshorts (although we're down with vests). The heat, humidity and, depending on where you live, summer showers, don't always make dressing your best easy, but if you grab some tips below you'll be sorted for the season.

Chu Suwannapha, fashion designer

Chu Suwannapha

“My advice is to find shirts with Hawaiian prints and motifs that borrow design details from the East. The logo T-shirt is my new casual must-have – it's modern and fresh, and I’ll add to my summer looks with a fanny pack.”

Rusty Beukes, stylist and creative consultant

Rusty Beukes

“Show off tanned ankles and add casual charm to your look with no-show socks. They're the best summer hack, because going commando will only send your shoes to the seventh circle of smell.”

Nicholas Strelitz, Expresso presenter

Nicholas Strelitz

“For some reason we have a tendency to disregard quality in the warmer months. Invest in high-quality pieces and buy cotton instead of synthetics. Be discerning in your selection. Take your time.”

Menzi Mcunu, GQ Best Dressed Man 2017

Menzi Mcunu

“Wear a suit in summer and show some ankle, preferably an inch above your classic tassel loafer or double monk. I'd suggest doing it the real Italian way, with 5cm turn-ups, a hat and classic tortoiseshell sunglasses.”

Prince Thabz, Fashion stylist, writer and blogger

Prince Thabz

“My must-haves are: aviator sunglasses, bright linen shirts, white polo shirts, white sneakers, tailored shorts, printed swimming shorts, loafers, a straw hat and a duffel bag for those weekends away.”

Anesu Chogugudza, Model-slash-stylist

Anesu Chogugudza

“Get yourself an unstructured blazer. It looks sharp, while cutting away all the bulk and lining, so it's completely comfortable even when the weather warms up. Linen, cotton and lightweight wool are my go-tos.”

Azeez Jacobs, Men’s Health Fashion Editor

Azeez Jacobs

“A Hawaiian shirt. Just pay attention to the print and go for classy, old-school prints like palm trees, hibiscus flowers, or even pineapples. Wear with subtle accessories, cuffed slim-fit chinos and woven sneakers.”

Jason Alexander Basson, Executive Fashion Editor, GQ South Africa

Jason Alexander Basson

“Stay at home and wear a tanga. You guys sell those, right?”

Xzavier Zulu, Sartist and assistant brand activation manager for adidas Originals

Xzavier Zulu

“Dad hats, plain white and light blue shirts, adidas crew socks and adidas Samba. Simple, but striking.”

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