Best Shoes for the Office

Five footwear choices every working woman needs for the workweek

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Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography: Jonathan Kope | Styling: Mandy Nash

Choosing your work shoes is about a little more than personal style. It’s about making the picks that send the right message to your co-workers and/ or clients: you are confident, professional and ready to conquer – your footwear should be in formation.

Whether you’re new to the working world or rising through the ranks, here is an edit of five picks that deserve space in your wardrobe.


Aldo stessy heel

Pointy heels are the perfect pair for the beginning of your week. You’re fresh from the weekend and need to start with a strong statement that kicks the work week off on a high note. Pair these with pinstripe trousers and a crisp white shirt or a smart two-piece to create an elegant office look.


Missguided velvet loafer

Fully reintegrated into society with sleeves rolled up, Tuesdays are usually days full of meetings where you’re likely to be putting more leg work into making the most of your productivity, which makes it the day for loafers. Paired with a pants suit or a structured shirt or tuxedo dress, these create a laidback and luxe look.


DailyFriday Charlotte

It’s midweek, but the weekend is still a long way away, fatigue might be starting to be a real thing as your workload piles up to its peak. The best way to keep the spirit alive is to trick your brain into a restart, but you may no longer have the strength to carry a high heel, at this stage… which is where the sling-back kitten heel comes in. They’re so low, they’re basically flats with the (slight) effect of a heel. You could get away with wearing these with pants, but you’d get more out of the look if you wore them in a mini dress or a short ruffled skirt – depending on what your situation is, you’ll be creating the illusion of or accentuating long legs.



At this stage, the end is near, but still a whole day away and you might only be hanging in there by a mere thread. There is no need to overexert yourself, you’ve been through enough already. So, go for closed-toe mules: an easy grab-and-go silhouette that will have you looking effortlessly put together even when you’re already falling apart. These go with just about anything, from maxi dresses, culottes and midi skirts - the rest depends on the exact mood you’re trying to forge. Remember to camouflage any signs of exhaustion on your face with a bright lipstick.


DailyFriday Nozuko

Entering Friday in head-turning red shoes can also be known as “coming correct”. While you want to match the day’s zestful mood, you also need to be comfortable; it’s been a long week and they day could very easily slip into a night out after happy hour, making the block heel mule the smart choice here. You can go all out and match these with more ruffle, bell sleeve or bright-coloured drama or you could wear a low-key jumpsuit or shift dress.

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