Pinterest Worthy Desks

Getting ahead in 2018 starts with cleaning up your act

Photography: Inge Prins | Styling: Charl Edwards

“Messy desk, messy head…”

Oh stfu, Carol. Just mind your own business, all right? I’m working here!

Perhaps Carol’s right though? As a neat desk is said to improve productivity and can be as important to your personal and professional image as impeccable grooming and solid office banter is. 

After all, external slovenliness shouts louder than even the most up-to-date inbox or stacked G-cal. 

Eradicate the piles of papers, empty coffee mugs, outdated Post-its, stacks of books, orphan stationary, dead pot plants and other paraphernalia that clutters your desktop in order to convey an aura of success. Then simply choose one of the following three Pinterest worthy desktop aesthetics in order to start the year off right. 

Colour Block

Pinterest Worthy Desks

A colour-coded desktop is the best way for freelancers, slashies or multitaskers to keep abreast of their various projects. F’rinstance, the red notebook and accouterments can be used for your whale client, everything shouting out that this is the retainer that keeps the lights on and to whom you should dedicate the most of your time to. Yellow can be the smaller fish, those little jobs that you can do routinely and with your left-hand without necessarily breaking your back. Blue is for you, all that personal work and passion projects. 

Why it works? 

Bright primary colours shout fun and what is work but grown up play (if you’ve chosen the right vocation that is…). Whether it’s doing a Rubik’s Cube on a particular client’s problem or building onto last year’s strategy like Lego blocks, dive into the ball pit of 2018 and make a splash. 


Pinterest Worthy Desks

You’re a creative whose personal aesthetic is as much a part of your personal brand as your actual work is. A desk space that’s reflective of you as a person is important for your process, as is standing out from the other desk jockeys you share an open plan office with. A tonal look in the millennial hue creates a relaxing space that gets your head right before you even open up your laptop. Soft calming colours help you to keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs, and the good vibes emitting from your wedge of office space is conducive to all the creative ideas that keep you in high demand. Quirky desk accessories are cheap, cheerful and, the clincher, functional. 

Why it works?

There’s no fear of anyone using your coffee mug, or even stapler for that matter, when yours are in the shape of a unicorn. Fresh flowers, ambient lighting, inspirational quotes and headphones to play Lil Yachty are what help you to stay you instead of conforming to the norm and becoming a corporate drone. 


Pinterest Worthy Desks

It’s back to work and you mean business. This year you’ve set some lofty goals and along with the daily workout regime, the healthy eating plan and frugal savings plan, which will get you everything you've promised yourself in 2018, is climbing the next rung on the corporate ladder. You’ve invested in some desk upgrades, eschewing the entry-level items found in the office stationary cupboard for the type of thing a boss would have. It’s all about luxury, texture and putting out the right message. Because if those at the top see how you can handle your desk with such professionalism then of course you’re the right guy to entrust with that new portfolio.

Why it works?

An organized desk sends out a clear message that you’re on top of things and a true professional. Otherwise the regular organisation provides structure to your day, and if time is money, you’re not the guy wasting any digging around for a document your boss asked for ten minutes ago. Get it right and then get it done. 

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