Models Off Duty

Four models share their off-duty style tips

models off duty

Words: Zoya Pon | Photography: Supplied

Call it insider knowledge, or just part of the job, there's something effortless to model off-duty style that comes with the profession. In a city like Cape Town, it seems everyone is a model, but a select few crack the code and have the Instagram following to prove it.

The Way of Us chatted to four top models about their off-duty style. Plus, how to take that elusively effortless #OOTD Insta pic.

SPOILER: it's all about the attitude and surprisingly, comfort is key.

Erlah Nart | @urie_blaq

models off duty

You in one sentence: very classy.

Go-to off-duty outfits: Rule of thumb when going for casting calls is something I picked up from watching America’s Next Top Model. Keep it to the minimum! Your beauty and talent should be the thing they remember the most, not something totally outrageous that you are wearing to standout.

For a date, I'd go with a shift dress or a skinny jeans, a silk camisole and a blazer and heels. For a casual night out I'd wear boyfriend jeans with a cute blouse or tee. Always a good vibe.

I like to rock over-sized shirts and sweaters. Reason being that they're warm, cozy and comfortable. Pieces that pull fashion and function together.

Wardrobe advice: Only wear what fits your body and your lifestyle to create a wardrobe that makes you smile. Be more with less.

Learn the best ways to wear and rock what you already own for the most stylish you ever.

And if you feel good in what you are wearing you will definitely look good. Confidence is everything.

Tip for taking the best Insta #OOTD pic: Whatever outfit you find yourself rocking, whether body fitting or loose, don't forget to pose with your head high. That makes you Insta gorge.

Neve Caffrey | @neve_caffrey

models off duty

Career highlight: I have been lucky to do some amazing shoots so far , but being a part of the recent adidas Originals commercial stands out the most. Being able to see so much of the world is another highlight.

You in one sentence: Bold in looks but quiet in nature.

What do you feel your best in? I feel my best in a serious pair of heeled boots and an amazing leather jacket. That’s when I feel most powerful!

Best style moment: A couple of years back I had the chance to be a guest at the final of the Miss World contest in London and I wore a perfect fitting olive silk crop top and this insanely cool black fitted asymmetric skirt with a killer pair of boots. Years later I still love that outfit!

Go-to off-duty outfit: Black jeans and a loose white t-shirt with boots and a statement jacket. Jackets are my thing!

New favourite item or latest buy:  I’m sure it’s not surprising that it’s a jacket… I just bought a fluffy, baby pink, cropped puffer jacket. It’s my new love! 

Tip for taking the best Insta #OOTD pic: Find good lighting as well as a nice background. Don’t overthink it, just rock your outfit and the picture will come naturally.

Jodie Petersen | @jodiepetersenn

models off duty

You in one sentence: “Risking it for the biscuit”

What do you feel your best in? I feel good when I’m wearing something I’ve personally had made or designed. I like knowing that I’m wearing something no one else has.

Best style moment: Hands down twinning with my actual twin at SA Menswear Week 2017. We wore matching tailored suits with Cortez sneakers.

Go-to off-duty outfit: Gold hoops, good chain, navy blue stripped palazzo pants with a black off the shoulder top and black Nike Cortez sneakers.

Style peeve: High heel sneakers. Mehhh.

Off-duty style tip: This is for my fellow women of all shapes and sizes: Wear it, even if society says no.

If you could wear only one outfit, what would it be? Definitely my black Selfi jumpsuit.

Tip for taking the best Insta #OOTD pic: Make sure your outfit is the focus. Don’t chose a background that’s very busy and will overpower the outfit.

Mieke Visser | @miekevisser23

models off duty

Career highlight: Two Elle covers , a Canal Walk campaign and walking for Paris Haute couture.

You in one sentence: Fun, loving, confident woman and go-getter who loves food and a good time.

Your style in 3 words: Modern casual, confident.

What do you feel your best in? When I have clothes on that I can do anything in- without feeling uncomfortable and still look good!

Best style moment: Definitely a dress I designed with the designer Paul Van Zyl for my matric dance. Everyone was in love with it!

Go-to off-duty outfit: A perfectly fitted black jean, leather jacket and sneakers.

New favourite item or latest buy: My black denim skirt and my black Old Skool Vans !

Off-duty style tip: Dress in what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t try and be like someone else, find your own style and live it up.

If you could wear only one outfit, what would it be? Well I guess if we are speaking about literally anything then I would say definitely just PJ’s... 

Tip for taking the best Insta #OOTD pic: Don’t try and force a look and the background definitely does play a role!

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