Happy Singles' Day!

11 November is a day devoted to self-love. Check out these ways to spoil yourself

singles day

Illustrations: Eva Faerch

Started by Chinese University students back in 1993, Singles' Day , 11/11, is a day for singles to spoil themselves. Because if you don’t learn to love yourself, how will you ever learn to love others?

Think of it as an anti-Valentine’s Day without any of the "anti" – a you-do-you day on which you’re encouraged to look out for number one and treat yourself. If you need some help marking the occasion, try these.

singles day

Change the voice inside your head

Instead of talking to yourself like an angry parent, playground bully, patronising teacher or the boss who is never pleased with anything that you do, take on the tone of a kinder, gentler and softer person. Look in the mirror and repeat: You is smart, you is kind, you is important…

End that toxic relationship

What better way of celebrating Singles' Day than by becoming single? Use this day as the first step in taking your life back, and become you again, then look back at your anniversary every year to see how far you’ve come. 

Dumped? Do this…

Enjoy your new single status by finally creating the Tinder profile you swore you’d never do, or try another dating app like Bumble. What do you have to lose? You’re already ignoring those negative voices and know that you’re awesome. Share your awesome with the world!

singles day

But first, get some glamour shots

Don’t just use whatever selfies you’ve got on your phone. Invest in a professional's service and enlist the help of a studio photographer, stylist and makeup artist to capture your true self. Not for you? Just grab your most affirming friend and someone with great camera skills and take those "candid" shots that everyone seems to have where you're looking away and laughing. 

Body goals

Whether you're rewarding yourself for working out or celebrating learning to love the way you look, this is permission to buy some figure-hugging sportswear and show off your shape. 

Work goals

You’ve been killing it at work lately. Well done, you! Replace all of your basics with brand new items.

singles day


Whether it’s that costly digital marketing course you’ve been putting off, but know will take your career to the next level, or a fortnightly pottery course, of course you should take that course. What course? There are no wrong answers when you're the only person you answer to!

Go Offline

Put all devices on flight mode and don’t answer the door, because nothing will distract you from whatever it is that you want to do today. Except maybe an online sale of up to 33%...

singles day

Need some more ideas? Try these…

  • Go watch a movie on your own. Not only do you get to watch whatever it is that you want to watch, but you’re encouraged to buy the family combo and enjoy it all by yourself, too.
  • Take a solo roadtrip, rent an expensive hotel room, read a book from beginning to end in one sitting.
  • Pack a picnic basket and go to the beach or the park. Don’t feel awkward. Revel in your own company. You’re awesome.
  • Go to a fancy restaurant. Order the dessert first.
  • Buy yourself some lingerie.
  • Shop new sneakers.
  • How long have you had those jeans for? Get some new denim.
  • Ever had a full body massage, manicure, pedicure on the same day? Today is your day!

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