The Power of Colour: Asanda

Asanda Sizani's career and effortless style makes us green with envy

Power of Colour

For someone so young, Asanda Sizani has an impressive CV. Starting out as the youngest fashion editor of Drum, she went on to become the first black fashion editor at Elle, and in that time has won awards, judged awards and made a name for herself as one of the most important voices in South African fashion. It makes sense that her colour is green – we’re envious of Asanda and everything she's achieved.

The style maven starts her story as a young girl from King Williams Town fighting for a space to express herself, and after moving to Cape Town and picking up her first copy of Elle, she made it her goal to break into the fashion world. Now that she's dominating that world, you'd think she keeps the type of fashion-girl walk-in closets seen on MTV Cribs, but Asanda’s wardrobe isn’t as extensive as you may think, and instead it's all about effortless personal style and doing what comes naturally to her. 

“I’ve mainly got investment pieces that I wear over and over again. There’s a lot of eclectic pieces, vintage pieces and sentimental items from my mother and grandmother... In a season I’ll bring in a few new items to work into my looks. I’m inspired to mix and match all this to make what I already have new again.”

Power of Colour

Green isn’t just about envy – it’s a colour that symbolizes life – and by throwing on something bright and energising it not only lifts Asanda's mood but those around her, too. 

“Locally, our rich cultures are always inspiration in terms of bold colour, and as Africans we’re all about going bold and expressing ourselves through colour. What’s great about the colour green is that it’s got so many shades, from the lightest pastel to minty greens and emeralds to dark forest greens.”

It's a fact that the human eye is able to detect more shades of green than any other colour in the spectrum. So build fresh tonal looks as effortlessly as this fashion girl does, and ensure you get your greens this summer. 

“I like to pair greens with pinks, purples and reds. A plum or red lip is my signature. I adore colour. I can never be a minimalist. I think it stems from the underlying theme of 'feel good fashion'. We are celebrating fashion's power to generate joy and confidence. Bright colour is a mood enhancer. For Spring Summer 18, designers like Marni, Roksanda, Aalto, Agnona and Calvin Klein played with super brights. Even brands who often stick to subdued palettes, like Tom Ford, had really lovely, soothing gelatto hues in their collections."

“Nature will forever be a source of inspiration. Whether it’s greenery in the leaves or florals, it’s up to the person and how they mix it all together, and then using it in the way they dress, that makes a bright summer look work.”

So how do we ensure that our grassy tones stay greener? 

True to her storyteller nature, Asanda shares a tale how she learned everything she needs to know about clothing care from her mother and grandmother, and has been building on this solid foundation using the technology that’s available ever since. 

“My mom taught me about hand-washing for stains using a brick of green soap, and because my grandmother was a washer in the 50s, she really knew how to take care of clothes and starch things to a crisp.”

Taught from a young age not to discard anything, but instead care and repair what she already has, today Asanda will always check the label to ensure that she gives her clothes a longer life. 

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Power of Colour
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Power of Colour
Power of Colour
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