The Power of Colour: Mihlali

Whether with makeup or her outfits, Mihlali Ndamase is always red hot

Power of Colour

A YouTube content creator with over two million views since launching her channel last year, Mihlali Ndamase is also a qualified makeup artist as well as a social media force who slays on the 'gram. Mihlali says that she uses the power of colour via a red lip or a red dress whenever she needs to really shine. 

“There’s something mysterious about red. It’s a sexy colour, but also quite fierce. It’s become a trend, especially the really bright red which Bonang Matheba did at fashion week last night in her red suit, red court heel, red fur coat draped over her shoulders and a red lip. She looked absolutely superb.”

The beauty blogger believes that a red lip is the easiest trick when transitioning from day to night, and can be pared with any makeup look. And while the 21-year-old says she’s quite fussy about most things, something that she’ll never compromise on is her look. 

Power of Colour

“I won’t leave the house until I’m completely happy with an outfit, and I’ll rather be late than show up in anything but the perfect look. You know you’ve got it right when everything comes together, and you look in the mirror and are like, ‘Yasss I’m snatched!’”

In winter, Mihlali is drawn to burgundies and more brownish and purplish reds, but come summer it's time for fire-truck-red head-to-toe looks, which she’ll wear with similarly bright-coloured makeup.

“Summer makes me excited about colour. Nature is doing its thing and so you obviously reach for colours that are inspired by that. I like to be extra bold and even if I’m not feeling it, my outfit does the work for me and lifts my mood. When you know you look good it just makes you feel better, more confident.”

Mihlali knows that if you want to get someone’s attention – wear red, which is perhaps her secret to building such a massive following and then keeping them hooked. Red is not only the stand out colour preferred by this fashion blogger, but sports teams that wear it perform better and as the hue that's been associated with romance and passion since Cupid struck his first arrow, it’s perfect for that date-night look.

Mihlali keeps her summer brights the right shade by putting as much effort into how she cares for her clothing as she does when putting looks together. 

“You need to choose a washing liquid that treats your clothes gently, that actually takes care of your clothes and maintains the colour. There’s nothing worse than buying something because you love the colour and then a couple of washes later it’s an ashy, faded version of the original.”

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The Power of Colour
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Power of Colour
Power of Colour
Power of Colour