Borrow from the boys

Head to the menswear section for fresh takes on your favourite silhouettes

Borrow from the Boys

It’s nothing revolutionary, delving into the wardrobes of the men in your life – but much like the popular styles that trickle off the runway, gender-bending fashion goes through its fair share of trends and tribulations. Thankfully, we’ve reached a point where it’s less about breaking established norms and more about developing and experimenting with style that, while once-considered unacceptable, is now part of everyday fashion. It’s all about finding what works for you, so let us lay some groundwork to give you some inspiration. 

If you’re daunted by the prospect of wearing men’s clothing, your big fashion brands have you covered. They almost always stock menswear-inspired pieces in more flattering fits – think your classic pair of boyfriend jeans, some loose-fitting office-ready pinstripe trousers or an oversized blazer. Like any statement piece, you’ll want to make it the focal point of your outfit. 

Office looks are often the most daring when you’re embracing silhouettes designed for traditionally broader shoulders. Pair those loose trousers with a men’s white button-up shirt, making sure to tuck in the excess length. A tie or bowtie can be overkill, so a compact blazer will work to contrast the boxy ensemble. Coats are often bulky whoever they’re designed for, so it’s easy to get away with a menswear trench coat draped over your shoulders. 

The activewear and sports luxe trend is working in your favour, as it’s not only build on the balance between bulky and contouring fits, there’s also a whole new selection of pieces awaiting you in the menswear section. You can get lost in a baggy sports jacket or hoodie while wearing leggings, or even tie it around your waist or shoulders for added intrigue and colour to the look. 

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