5 Textures To Try

Menswear’s looking extra touchable this winter. Make the most of the trend

5 Textures To Try

Words: Cayleigh Bright | Photography: Hylton Boucher | Styling: Mira Leibowitz

You deserve nice things. Sure, by now you probably know that the best way to achieve an always-good-to-look-at state is by collecting a wardrobe of simple staples that pair up well with each other to complete looks for wherever life takes you. But winter’s all about comfort, so this is no time to be a hardline minimalist – take advantage of five luxe-look trends that take “touchable” seriously.


5 Textures To Try

When winter’s muted tones are getting you down, add some shine. Metallic has come to coat the season’s sleekest sneakers, as well as that new outerwear staple, the puffer jacket. It’s an ideal pairing, because unlike the pair-with-anything parka, pea coat or trench, the puffer jacket’s whole point is to stand out: whether you choose a streetwear-inspired style or something that’s straight from the suburbs, it’s never going to “match” with your look, because it’s a big puffy sleeping bag of a garment wrapped around your body. You might as well go for something eye-catching, then.

Where else can I wear it? Like we said, sneakers – whether all-over metallic or with touches of rose gold, these are the kicks you’re sure to take a shine to.


5 Textures To Try

You probably already own something suede: this mainstay for boots and jackets is showing up in the finer details of some of the season’s favourite sneakers. But here’s what you need to understand: the way to keep it subtle is actually to go for all-over suede – unfussy styles that are soft to the touch. Sure, not everyone will be able to feel it, but those who know, know.

Where else can I wear it? The season’s freshest staple, the luxe-look bomber, is even better with a touch of texture.


5 Textures To Try

It’s always been around in sports-inspired pieces – think baseball jackets and basketball jerseys – but thanks to athleisure’s integration into our everyday lives, you’ll find it pretty much everywhere you look this season.

Where else can I wear it? Expect to see it in more jacket details, and in the more expected environment of men’s suit lapels. Next up: patterned and embroidered shirts that look cool, confident and collected.


5 Textures To Try

Leather sneakers are an investment that elevate everything from your casual jeans-and-tee attire to semi-formal style. The look says “your canvas beaters could never”, but this isn’t a competition – after all, you’re not wearing these to an outdoor concert or for those wet winter walks. Keep it clean, and wear it when the occasion calls for it.

Where else can I wear it? The old classic, obviously – your closet isn’t complete without a leather jacket.

Faux fur

5 Textures To Try

This one’s simple: your favourite jacket style just got better thanks to faux fur details. If it’s cosy and it looks this good, why question it?

Wear else can I wear it? Get inspired by street style from around the world or the video for T-shirt and go for full faux. Fur-look jackets will having you feeling ready to take on the cold in 70s-influenced style: if it added swagger to the stride of rock stars and icons of the disco era alike, it can do the same for you.

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