Save vs Spend: Winter jackets

Our edit of light lifting and heavy duty spend options

If you’re still in need of a new winter coat, I have two questions for you:

1. Have you seen our new ad yet, and

2. Why are all those new season hits still sitting in your cart? 

Ah, you can’t decide. We got you.

If you’re a minimal essentials shopper, you’re probably the kind to spend on one piece and work it hard. If you’re the kind who likes options, you need your money to work hard, too, but across a few pieces instead of one. Whichever camp you belong to, meet your new jacket right here.

For the ice queens among us, a bomber may be all you need for your everyday uniform. It also functions as a convenient in between layer for those of us who need more insulation. Get one in infallible black and use it to top any outfit. Choose satin for a showpiece.

If you thought last winter was the last you'd see of this trend, think again. Faux fur is on the rise with retro textures arriving on scene for an update to the look. Pair with slim black items to create the perfect backdrop for a stand out piece.

Tailored or relaxed, a long coat in a rich dark blue is a solid investment this season. This round is Missguided vs Missguided, but spending or saving, this silhouette is a bang-for-your-buck buy.

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