Save vs Spend: Velvet

The season’s favourite texture is calling your number

For such a well-loved fabric, velvet can be tricky to wear. There’s the light/dark pile issue – a cool visual, but not always flattering. There’s the lint issue – because wearing velvet is basically like wearing a very short, very chic carpet: it picks up everything. There’s also the price issue – traditionally velvet is made from silk, but it’s complicated to create, and always in short supply. Whether you’re investing or just testing the waters, The Way of Us is here to help with Superbalist's velveteen selects and a few dos and don’ts.

Platform heel

Do pair them with short hemlines to display the shoes front and centre.

Don’t take them for a stroll in the rain. One or two soakings and you’ll halve their lifetime.


Do get yourself a steamer – you can’t iron velvet. The rest of your wardrobe will thank you, too.  

Don’t toss it in the washing machine unless it’s synthetic velveteen – your care label will say 'polyester' instead of 'silk' if it can indeed be tossed in with the rest of your laundry.


Do style with other interesting textures (pleats?) and patterns (try tapestry).

Don’t wear anything voluminous or bulky underneath a velvet jacket - every lump and bulge will be on full display.


Do invest in a quality lint brush. Lint roller tape won’t do much for velvet.

Don’t forget to store these well – bagged and boxed – to keep the colour and shine intact as long as possible.

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