5 tops to own A/W17

From the classic white shirt (and how to wear it now), to our take on the graphic tee

5 tops to own

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Chicara Bruseke

There’s never been a more exciting time to wear blouses, knits and shirts. With all-over prints on the backburner for now, we’re enjoying that the devil’s in the details: in the fluted cuffs, how a button-up can celebrate the décolletage, the way sleeves are rolled up. 

Here, we take you through the tops that every woman should own, and how each style has been upgraded for the season. 

The Cosy Knit

5 tops to own

Oversized, comfortable and cosy, the chunky knit is a style that no wardrobe should have to do without. This fuzzy friend takes its cues from 70s style but lends itself to a modern, athleisure look. Pair with sweats in a tonal variation or the same hue for a minimalist take on the trend. 

The Basic Bodysuit

5 tops to own

The bodysuit has overtaken the simple tee as the staple of choice. It’s comfortable, confidence-boosting and will pair with every single thing in your closet, from a maxi skirt to cut-off denim shorts. 

The Luxe Blouse

5 tops to own

Featuring plissé-style pleats on the sleeves, this delicate blouse borrows from the centuries-old medieval cuff, but it lacks the whimsicality of sleeves gone by. This season it feels fresh and confident. Because these cuffs play with proportion, it’s best to balance out the silhouette with high-waisted pants. 

The Graphic Tee

5 tops to own

Just when we think we’ve had enough of wearing graphic tees, they remind us just how easily we fall for them every other season or so. Grab yourself something slouchy with a tongue-in-cheek slogan, and then style it with an overcoat. The casual yet collected aesthetic helps the trend to come of age. 

The Crisp White Shirt

5 tops to own

The white shirt has had its fair share of iconic moments through history, but never has it been worn as boldly as this. Having gone from classic to avant-garde, this basic has reinvented itself in a way that not many staples could, and now demands to be worn off the shoulder. And not surprisingly, it’s still as elegant and timeless as ever.

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