Stay Outside: Meet The Models

Get to know the talent from Superbalist's latest television commercial

stay outside

Winter is, whether you’ve realised it yet or not, the best season: if you’re not using it to get outside and stay there, you’ve been doing it wrong. Superbalist is equipping you with the wardrobe that ensures that you won’t miss a minute of your new favourite season. Pull your hood up around your ears, push your feet into your boots. You’re taking a walk on a winter’s day, ready to take on the weather and win. Who knows who you’ll meet along the way? Perhaps some of the stars from our new television ad, Stay Outside...

Mariah de Souza

Fusion Models


meet the models

Superbalist featured Mariah in our last ad, the house party, where she shared an underwater kiss. If you can’t remember that, don’t fret, she admits that she looks quite different now that her hair is natural. The Brazilian model enjoys coming here every summer and says that the weather, the vibe and the people here are quite similar to back home.

What’s your favourite item from the shoot?

I really liked the peachy pink outfit that Gwen was wearing with the Vans shoes. I usually don’t like pink that much, but on her I’d definitely wear it.

Do you prefer wearing any particular colour tone?

My wardrobe is mostly black, but lately I’ve been trying to pop some colour into it.

What’s it like living out of a suitcase?

That’s the hard part. Packing winter clothes and summer clothes and trying to make it all fit into one piece of luggage. It’s not easy. Usually I’ll try and think which are the pieces that I’ll wear the most. If I can’t wear something twenty or more times then I leave it at home.

What are your transitional style tips?

Living here you can have all the seasons in one day, so I’m always prepared for that and always have a coat in the backpack. And flip-flops. Brazilians love flip-flops because they make us feel free.

Opeyemi Awoyemi

Boss Models


meet the models

The face of Lagos Fashion Week 2016 has actually been living in South Africa for a while now, and uses this as her base to fly out to her international modelling obligations worldwide. A veteran in the game, Opeyemi is no stranger to TV and was featured on Africa’s Next Top Model and Face of Africa.

What’s your favourite item from the shoot?

The long silver pants and the long sleeve silver top. I really like those pieces.

What does the phrase 'Stay Outside' mean to you?

Being indoors can make you depressed. Sunshine really helps. Fresh air. You see more of the world. I like to go out and have fun with friends.

Are there any trends that you’re loving?

I feel like the world has underestimated women in the past. We may not be as physically strong as a man, but trust me, a woman’s heart is stronger. Dressing in military reminds us that we are naturally powerful creatures. Very resilient people.

What are your transitional style tips?

Oh my God – I get very affected by the weather. When it’s extremely hot I can’t deal. When it’s extremely cold I can’t deal. So I like Autumn, and always keep scarves and a jacket in my bag so that I can always be comfortable. Especially living here, where on this side of the street is hot and that side of the street is cold. It’s crazy.

What will you do when you’re done with modelling?

After modelling I’ll do my own fashion line. I really like business. I like buying and selling stuff. I can’t really picture what I’m going to be doing for my fashion line yet, but I know I’m definitely bringing something big to the table business wise.

Olamide Ogundele

Boss Models


meet the models

Olamide has been coming back to South Africa for three years now, and as long as she keeps getting booked on so many jobs she’s happy to return every year. She especially enjoyed the pace of her Superbalist shoot and says that after this she’ll head to London for her first season there.

What’s your favourite item from the shoot?

This one very cool pair of adidas sneakers. I buy a lot of shoes. I have, I can’t even count, so many sneakers.

Describe your style.

I dress like a tomboy. I don’t do it on purpose. I just end up always wearing T-shirts and skinny jeans and sneakers. It looks good on me. Since I’ve been small I’ve dressed like this.

What does the phrase 'Stay Outside' mean to you?

Don’t hide away inside. Stay outside and show off your style. I love being outside. When I was in high school I played loads of sports like track, basketball and football.

What are your transitional style tips?

Always carry a coat. I’ll always have one folded over my arm. It’s a habit from school where we always had to have our cardigan with us and were told to never tie it around our waist. So I still carry everything on the hook of my arm.

Gwen Lu

20 Model Management

“My age is a secret”

meet the models

A Malayan woman of Chinese descent, Gwen’s in South Africa for the season and is busy counting down for the next adventure where she’ll stop over in Barcelona for a job and then spend our winter in London for another season of summer.

Favourite piece from the shoot?

I like the white sweater with the bell sleeve. Very vintage, very comfy, very cosy. I like the shape. It’s got a good cut. It brings out the beauty of the garment.

What’s it like living out of a suitcase?

I pack what I like and what’s essential. Pieces that can be matched with other stuff. Mix and match. My wardrobe is mostly black so they all mix quite easily anyway.

What does the phrase Stay Outside mean to you?

Go out and explore. That’s my philosophy for modeling. I don’t want to stay in my comfort zone. I want to go out and explore a new market. So when I first started out I decided to always try and see what else was in store for me. Otherwise I do a little bit of everything: Pilates, which is good for the core and I like hiking here because the views are amazing.

What are your transitional style tips?

I never pack enough warm clothing for my trips. I didn’t expect your wind to be so crazy. So I bought a big Masai blanket from a souvenir tourist store and I wrap around as a scarf, use as a blanket, wear as outerwear… that’s been enough for me. Usually if I’d been more prepared I’d have a waterproof trench that’s light – but enough to protect me from the wind.

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