Styling Secrets to Stay Outside

Use these new-season tips and don’t let the weather get you down

autumn winter styling tips

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photography: Rudi Geyser | Styling: Akim Jardine + Mandy Nash

With athleisure on track for a full fashion takeover, big-name brands like adidas Originals and certain silhouettes like the bomber will no doubt dominate the season. If the aim is to stand apart from the crowd, then it’s how you style each piece that makes the difference.

Whatever the weather, wherever you’re headed, these styling tips will help you turn simple staples into bold statements.

Check your tone

autumn winter styling tips

The tonal trend has gone from Yeezy show mainstay to a way of life for many an Instagram star. Try your hand at this season’s favourite tones – whether you prefer nudes and pinks or soft blues – and watch how they transform from once-cutesy hues into colours with all of the social media clout.

Cross your heart

autumn winter styling tips

SA winters are nothing if not unpredictable, which means you’ll always need a knit on hand for in-between days. Keep your look on point as the weather changes by tying your jersey across your torso – you’ll add an air of new-era preppiness without even trying.

Touchy Feely 

autumn winter styling tips

Velvet, silk, wool, plissé and denim are all key textures for the colder months, and they’re even more sumptuous when layered together. Start with the lighter fabrics, and build up to chunkier pieces. Half tucks will ensure you give each layer some viewing time.

Cold shoulder

autumn winter styling tips

When Balenciaga sent jackets styled off the shoulders down the runway, it created a movement – and a fresh new silhouette for the season. Ideal for days that run hot and cold, this jacket certainly makes a statement. Your conventionally worn cover-up could never.

 Knit me up

autumn winter styling tips

Swap out your track pants for a dress and revel in how easy styling becomes. The dress will make you feel and look great as is, and then it’s just about the finishing touches – a jacket, hat, socks and boots, or big earrings.

Off the cuff

autumn winter styling tips

First, it was extra-long sleeves, then balloon, puffball and fluted silhouettes, and now we’ve got a full-on obsession with cuffs. If your top doesn’t have exaggerated sleeves, enhance them yourself by pulling your lower-layer sleeves out through your jacket cuffs.

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