Your Best Outdoors Outfits

Stay outside this season in simple staples that make a bold statement

Best Outdoors Outfits

Words: Scott Dodds | Photographs: Rudi Geyser | Styling: Akim Jardine + Mandy Nash

With the new season must come new ways of looking at, and re-working, established styles – as well as experimenting with the newest trends. What were once reliable style norms will have to be challenged, while still bending to the will of the weather, and it’s all about trial and error. With winter nearly upon us, there’s no better time than now!

Layer Up

Best Outdoors Outfits

Layering isn’t just about staying warm: that’s merely an added benefit. Cold weather should be met with excitement – this is your opportunity to experiment with all those neglected jackets, pullovers and hoodies gathering dust in your wardrobe. Add another level to your layering by contrasting streetwear brands or styles, like a black printed pullover or camo windbreaker, with more sophisticated elements like a timeless trench coat.

Adaptable Dressing

Best Outdoors Outfits

The risk of throwing on layer after layer in the middle of winter is walking indoors and immediately realising the disparity in temperatures. You need to plan ahead, well before that first bead of sweat runs down your brow, for an outfit that’s versatile enough for that particular weather. Knits are go-to options for in-between weather, as they’re cosy enough however chilly it may be, it can add an preppy element to your style when draped over your shoulders or tied around your waist.

Break Up The Bulk

Best Outdoors Outfits

Be wary not to dress head-to-toe in bulky outerwear – you’re not trekking through the Antarctic. Prints and patterns are good for breaking up the uniformity, as well as adding a little intrigue to the ensemble. Use a striped, long-sleeved tee or pullover underneath your jacket or coat of choice, and leave it unbuttoned or unzipped.

Experiment With Less

Best Outdoors Outfits

It’s easy to lean towards the more-is-more end of the style spectrum when the cold is dictating your every move. Every once in awhile, experiment with a more minimal ensemble. Combine a simple solid-colour knit or pullover with a classic pair of blue jeans, and add sneakers to match the top. Your choice of denims should work to contrast with the top and shoes, and vice versa. Top tip: even if you don’t need to roll up your jeans, roll up your jeans.

Do It All

Best Outdoors Outfits

Contrasting both colours and styles is super popular right now, and requires a bit of re-thinking when it comes to tried-and-tested combinations. White socks were a big no-no for a good while, so we hope you didn’t throw all of yours out. Match them with white sneakers and add black chinos or sweat pants, then decide which top, pullover or jacket will work best. If you’re going for an athluxe bottom half, why not try a soft-coloured sweater over a crisp, white button-up shirt?

Do the double

Best Outdoors Outfits

Once again, it’s the time to forget what you think you know. The collar of a button-up shirt peeking out from under a pullover sweater has been seen and done before, so combining polo necks or roll necks with a knit or pullover creates a similar effect in a fresh new way. Contrasting colours and textures work great here, like a burgundy suede polo neck under a cosy beige knit. 

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