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Opposite the Other are a young Alt-Pop band with a fresh sound, No.1 singles and millions of streams

Opposite the Other are an Alt-Pop band with a fresh sound, No. 1 singles on the country's major radio stations, over two Million Spotify streams and a fan base growing day by day.

Having only been together for 14 months the young trio between the ages of 19 and 23 is made up of Dan Burger (Bass & Synths), Rob Spooner (Drums) and Sam Burger (Vocals & Piano).

Writing the music they love, the band believes in going all in in order to build something special and have performed on the Main Stage at Superbalist is Rocking The Daisies, alongside acts like Foster the People and Mac Miller. In the same year OTO performed with Beatenberg at Kirstenbosch Gardens, selling out the venue in the process.

There’s an EP on the way and the band will be playing a variety of festivals as well as joining The Lumineers on the South African leg of their Cleopatra World Tour.

What does your name mean, Opposite The Other?

For us music is a powerful way of meeting and interacting with people as well as an opportunity to have important conversations. When you have an important or meaningful conversation with someone you tend to sit opposite one another in order to fully engage with a person – it's a bit of a constant reminder of one of our motivations behind the music and the band, meeting and building a community of people.

Your single 'Ride Away' got massive attention. What's the secret to writing a song with mass appeal?

Wish we knew! The song was actually our first single ever and it was a track we have yet to push or even share much in South Africa. The single however did really well on Spotify charting on their Global Viral charts and reaching Top 10's in a variety of countries. We don't know if there is any real 'secret' to writing a successful song, we just try write the music which naturally appeals to us and hope the people we share it with love it too.

Stutter Love got you the no.1 spot on 5FM SA Top 30 and the 5FM Top 10 Pop Chart. Who did you beat in order to secure top spot and what did this feat mean to you?

To be honest with you, we can't really remember who we 'beat'. We typically tend to focus largely on what we're doing and our journey while everyone else continues with theirs. At the end of the day though those charts are driven by fans and friends voting and thats something we're always grateful to have go in our favour.

Tell us about all of your collaborations and working with other artists?

Heading into the music industry overall has been a really great journey so far. We've had the opportunity to write and collaborate with artists such as Jimmy Nevis on a track called 'Control Alt Delete' and we've been fortunate to share the stage and become friends with many of the artists we continue to look up to and learn from. We have had a lot of support from other artists and that is something we try not to take for granted.

Talk about your new single.

Our latest single 'My Body Moves' is a track which is all about self acceptance and over-coming the fears and pressures we often place on our own shoulders. We hope it is a song people can listen to and be encouraged in some sort of way.

You'll be joining the Lumineers on their Cleopatra World Tour. How does stuff like this come about and what are you most excited for?

We are super excited to be joining The Lumineers and can't wait to get onto that stage! We've had great support from our fans and 5FM who have given us this opportunity. It was thanks to our fans that we made the shortlist and then were personally selected by the band to join them on their tour. It looks set to be an amazing experience for us and we feel very lucky to have the opportunity to put on what we are hoping will be two incredible performances.

Describe your experience of playing the main stage at last years Superbalist is Rocking The Daisies.

Superbalist is Rocking The Daisies was our first ever festival as a band. Getting to share the stage with such accomplished artists and perform at such a renowned and well-loved festival was a truly special and motivating experience for us. In reality we were very new and unknown to the festival audience but as we played an incredibly supportive and excited crowd continued to grow creating an unforgettable experience for the three of us. We couldn't have asked for a better reception and experience from the festival!

You have a very good understanding of your audience, and are definitely one of the more professional bands we've come across. Not all sex, drugs and rock n roll, but plenty of admin and hard work too, eh?

Sure, we really appreciate you mentioning that. It is something which is very important to us. We are just genuinely excited to be on this journey, taking one step at a time. The reality is we are trying to build a career and share a positive brand with as many people as we can, which obviously takes an unbelievable amount of work, business acumen and of course at the core of it all is constantly creating music which people can engage with and make a part of their lives.

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