Lady Skollie

5 fashion Qs for…

Photographs: Andrew Berry 

Laura Windvogel is the filthy-mouthed provocateur behind Lady Skollie, the artist responsible for sexing up the art world. We first introduced TWoU readers to Skollie back when she did her debut solo show, and since then she’s continued to challenge the art world, whether that’s going viral with her response to Okmalumkoolkat’s apology letter or exhibiting overseas. With a personal style that’s as arresting as her watercolours, we thought that we'd get her to answer five fashion questions.

Who are your style icons?
The Nanny - Fran Drescher, Cher and Missy Elliott.

What's been your biggest fashion mistake?
That patent legging phase.

What stereotypes kill you?
Racial ones.

What is the future of fashion?
Custom-made EVERYTHING.

How can fashion change the world?
Fashion is the ultimate conversation starter or sign that you might have something in common with someone unknown; it's the unifier. Unless you stick to that old-fashioned stereotype of being an uppity c**t.