The Type-A gets gifted

House-proud Becky already has it all, but loves a good tchotchke anyway

We’ll be honest, we don’t know your family or your friends, but we do know gifting, and so in the spirit of the season we’ve put the people you’ll be buying for into neat little boxes so that you can figure out more easily what you should buy for them. Meet Becky...

It’s ironic that someone who works as much as Becky does keeps such a beautiful home. Or maybe that’s the secret to such a pristine abode? It’s easy to keep your place looking like something out of the pages of a décor magazine when you’re never actually there.

Becky is permanently chained to her desk at the PR agency that she runs, and when she’s not she’s servicing her bouquet of luxury clients’ properties from Plett to Polokwane. Still, every other weekend when she does manage to pull herself away from work, she’ll throw herself into the type of homemaking that made her want to be a career woman in the first place.

You see, teenage-Becky made a promise to herself a lifetime ago, how she’d never grow up to be her mother. That there’d be more to her life than playing housewife for an inconsiderate and selfish man, which is why she divorced Peter and decided to turn her focus on building an empire in the first place. And not just as a way to get back at her father, who idolized her deadbeat brothers, and…

Wait, let's take a step back and focus on the task at hand, which is figuring out what you buy for an A-Type character who wants to have it all.

Because Becky never settles for second best, you’re not going to get away with a well-intentioned gift. Hell no. Our advice? Homeware vouchers.

Having recently converted the room dedicated to her long-suffering ex-husband - a double-garage in which he kept things like his bicycles and fishing-rods and beer brewing kit… toys to keep him busy enough so as to never wander into the main living spaces – Becky plans on letting this self-catering unit on Air B&B, and plans to furnish the 64 sq/m room in the same way as the rest of her home.

That is: art that’s good, but not pretentiously expensive, furniture that’s expensive, yet sparing because there’s no need to clutter, and Becky would rather do without than have something in her home that she didn’t like, and then perish the thought of arranging a room around a TV...

And although she’s extremely career-oriented and anti-housewife, Becky really does love her kitchen, as this is where she keeps her bubbly and likes to mix cocktails and keep a few bottles of Chardonnay sweating in an ice bucket. So that’s homeware vouchers or something from the bottle store and Becky’s sorted.